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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> DECEMBER 2, 1971 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon; Messrs . Siewert, Staddler, Pottker, <br /> Hamilton, Bantner; Mrs . Cummins. <br /> Others Present: Mr. Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Dr. Schumer, Messrs . Davis , Carroll, and architects . <br /> 1 . The meeting opened at 8:15 p.m. <br /> 2. New Business <br /> A. The Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 50 was presented to us . <br /> Chairman Shannon said he had asked Centex to advise us if the <br /> proposed building would be of the executive type since it fronts <br /> residential development, but that Mr. Calkins had not provided <br /> him the information. <br /> It was moved by Siewert, seconded by Bantner that the Plan <br /> Commission recommend approval of the plat by the Village Board, <br /> contingent upon their receiving satisfaction from Centex that the <br /> building will be appropriated to face the single family residences <br /> across the street, in accordance with all previous agreements, <br /> and with the recommendation that there be underground utilities <br /> on Kelly and Gordon Streets . <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> Voting NAY - none . <br /> 3 . Unfinished Business <br /> A. Boardwalk Subdivision. <br /> Mr. Hamilton presented to the Plan Commission a layout of <br /> his own creation which appeared to embody all of the classic <br /> elements of good planning . The Plan Commission members <br /> responded with enthusiasm to the thoughtfulness that went into <br /> the layout. Mr. Hamilton advised us that, after January lst, <br /> any land development over ten (10) acres will require a detention <br /> pond, to comply with the Metro Sanitary District. <br /> Mr. Davis , the builder, entered at this time with his architect. <br /> He said the plan under discussion complies with the subdivision <br /> control ordinance. The architect presented elevation studies and <br /> a rendering of the proposed development, indicating that the <br /> latter represented the flavor of their intentions . <br /> Mr. Hamilton attempted to explain to the architect why we are <br /> so concerned about this land. It represents the geographical <br /> center of the Village; is the highest point of the Village; is a <br /> crucial piece of land for those reasons, and is therefore important <br /> that it be aesthetically appealing. <br /> Mr. Davis said from his point of view, the development has to <br />