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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> NOVEMBER 18, 1971 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon; Messrs . Krasnow, Staddler, Pottker, <br /> Hamilton, Bantner; Mrs . Cummins . <br /> Others Present: Mr. Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Mrs . Vanderweel, Trustee; Mr. McGrenera , Village Clerk; <br /> Messrs. Ciaglia , Davis , 'McCabe, Schumer, and others . <br /> The meeting opened at 8:34 p.m. <br /> 1 . New Business <br /> A. Mrs . Nanci Vanderweel, as petitioner, acting for the Village Board, <br /> requested a postponement of the hearing identified as Docket 71-10 <br /> - Modification of Site Plan and Density of Parcel C of the PUD to <br /> permit Quadroplexes . <br /> It was moved by Hamilton, seconded by Cummins, that the <br /> request to postpone the hearing until December 16, 1971 be granted. <br /> Voting AYE - Krasnow, Staddler, Pottker, Hamilton, Cummins . <br /> Voting NAY - Bantner. <br /> B. Boardwalk Subdivision. Dr. Schumer came forward with Mr. Davis, <br /> a builder, to present a new site plan which is very similar to <br /> Wild Oaks . Commission members were concerned about the <br /> seeming over-development of this piece of land. After a great <br /> deal of discussion, it was agreed that the builder would present <br /> to the Plan Commission a visual rendering of the 1 ,000 foot <br /> expanse of the buildings that one would see if standing in the <br /> center of the development looking north . <br /> C . Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 72 - preliminary and final. It <br /> was moved by Cummins , seconded by Krasnow, that this plat be <br /> approved. <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> Voting NAY - none. <br /> D . Standard Oil Annexation as B-2 . <br /> A motion was made by Pottker, seconded by Bantner, to table <br /> discussion of this proposal until December 2, 1971 at which <br /> time the department reports would have already been shared <br /> with and studied by the Plan Commission. <br /> Voting AYE - all members present. <br /> Voting NAY - none. <br />