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MINUTES <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> NOVEMBER 4, 1971 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon, Messrs . Hamilton, Siewert, Pottker, <br /> Kra snow, Staddler, Cooney, Mrs . Cummins <br /> Others Present: Mr. Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Mr. McLennan, and Mr. Tom McCabe <br /> Item 1 of Agenda - New Business <br /> A. Public Hearing of Docket 71-9 was opened at 8:17 p.m . ; closed at <br /> 9:06 p.m . An official transcript of these proceedings is on file in <br /> the Village Hall. <br /> Item 2 - Minutes of October 21 , 1971 meeting were read; a correction was <br /> made by Mr. Hamilton, after which the minutes were approved . <br /> New Business <br /> Ridders Subdivision of Devon-O'Hare Industrial Park, Unit No. 2 on <br /> United Lane was returned for twenty-five foot underground setback <br /> on all the lots and designation of ten foot rear easement on all lots . <br /> Item 3 - Unfinished Business <br /> A. Still pending. <br /> B. Mr. McLennan advised that a large section of sewer has been <br /> televised and grouted. Mr. McLennan is waiting for the Village <br /> to make a further study of the condition. <br /> C and D. Mr. Shannon will recheck the status of these items which <br /> continues to be confusing . Some members feel we are holding these <br /> items pending corrections to the respective plats; some members <br /> feel the corrections were already presented to the Plan Commission <br /> last summer and were approved . <br /> E. A date was set for a Dinner Meeting to be held on Saturday, <br /> December 11 , 1971 . Time and place will be announced at a later date . <br /> F. Considerable discussion of this item resulted in a decision that Mr. <br /> Shannon will check with ASPO to see what other communities <br /> throughout the country are doing to improve methods of notifying <br /> citizens of public hearings . <br /> G. Improved descriptions in publishing notices have already been <br /> adopted by the Village, so this item is now considered closed by <br /> the Plan Commission. <br />