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MINUTES • <br /> REGULAR PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> OCTOBER 21 , 1971 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon, Messrs . Hamilton, Siewert, Pottker, <br /> Staddler, Krasnow, Cooney, Mrs . Cummins <br /> Others Present: Mr. Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration; <br /> Mrs . Kathy Duoba of League of Women Voters and Elk <br /> Grove Village Housing Commission; and about twenty <br /> citizens from the Lake Association <br /> Item 1 of Agenda <br /> Minutes of October 14, 1971 meeting were read and approved. <br /> Item 2 - Unfinished Business <br /> A and C of October 21 , 1971 are still pending . <br /> B. Centex revision PUD Parcel "C" . Chairman Shannon told the members <br /> he had held this item as unfinished business to see if any members of <br /> the Plan Commission might want to hold further discussions about it. <br /> It was moved by Cummins , seconded by Cooney, supported by <br /> Hamilton, that this item be withdrawn as unfinished business of <br /> the Plan Commission. <br /> Voting AYE - all members . <br /> Chairman Shannon told the audience that their action, if any, and <br /> their relief, if any, rests with the Village Board. <br /> Mr. Hamilton told the people that he had examined the lake . He <br /> said the water level was down a foot and a half which is not at all <br /> unusual considering the dry summer we have just had . He futher <br /> told them that this lowered level does not justify depleting the water <br /> table we all depend upon in the Village for drinking water and house- <br /> hold uses , in order to gratify the recreational purposes to which the <br /> lake water is put. He said it might be possible to find a polluted <br /> water table not fit for drinking water, which could be used for their <br /> lake. Another alternative lies in the Salt Creek watershed project, <br /> from which some water might possibly be siphoned off at a minimal <br /> cost. <br /> D. Master Plan for Centex property west of State Route 53 . Chairman <br /> Shannon suggested each member individually summarize his or her <br /> thinking about this plan in order that we might communicate our <br /> combined feeling to Centex regarding the property. Leah Cummins <br /> suggested that the Centex plan as presented represented too extrava- <br /> gant a plan for our Commission to even consider. Since we would be <br /> "bargaining" for a final acceptable plan, she thought we had better <br /> start a little closer to reality figures . <br /> A motion was made by Hamilton, seconded by Siewert, to bundle up <br /> -the plans and return them to Centex marked "Unacceptable" . <br /> Voting AYE - all members . <br /> E. Chairman Shannon will find out from our Attorney just how long we can <br /> rPr-P-,s a hearinc7_ <br />