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Y. <br /> MINUTES <br /> ADJOURNED PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> OCTOBER 14, 1971 <br /> Members Present: Chairman Shannon, Messrs . Pottker, Siewert, Cooney, <br /> Mrs . Cummins <br /> Others Present: Mr. Rettenbacher, representing Village Administration <br /> Item 2 of Agenda - Outstanding Business <br /> A . Centex North Stage II <br /> Plans 'previously submitted by Gottlieb Beale were reviewed by those <br /> present. It was requested that the Plan Commission receive advice <br /> from Officer Rose regarding the traffic problem on Landmeier Road <br /> that might occur if the ingresses and egresses were developed as <br /> presented on the preliminary plans . <br /> Village Engineer's opinion to be solicited as well. Chuck Willis <br /> will be requested to furnish the Plan Commission with details of the <br /> curve straightening on Landmeier Road. <br /> B. Centex revision PUD Parcel "C" <br /> Chairman Shannon reported that he and Tom Hamilton had visited the <br /> site of the townhouse units to investigate the drainage problems alleged <br /> by the tenants at the Plan Commission meeting of October 7th . The <br /> drainage problem looks solvable; the residual concern is the proposed <br /> well to nourish the planned unit development lake . It portends to be <br /> a serious situation in the future when residents draw water for lawn <br /> watering and recreational uses in the lake , in competition with the <br /> decreasingly available water that the rest of the Village residents <br /> will be requiring for regular housekeeping purposes . A way must be <br /> found, if this threat is real, to enjoin the planned unit development <br /> people from digging the well for their lake . <br /> Item 3 - Unfinished Business <br /> A. No discussion or action taken. <br /> Ditto B , C , D, E. <br /> Item 4 - New Business <br /> A. Attendance Records and Performance . It was proposed that a minimum <br /> attendance record be maintained by each member of the Plan Commission. <br /> Tentatively, members present suggested 75% attendance . One member <br /> asked that anyone not meeting that attendance level be required to <br /> submit his or her resignation. It was decided that this issue would <br /> be tabled until all commission members were present to determine the <br /> procedure . <br /> B. Summer meeting schedule . It was decided that there not be such a <br /> special schedule , but that vacationers would not be "penalized" for <br /> non-attendance . <br /> C. Representative at Board meetings. Ted Staddler was appointed to be <br /> our regular representative, with Mr. Alvin Krasnow as his alternate . <br /> Neither gentleman was present to acknowledge this assignment. <br />