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Reliance Resubdivision (continued) <br /> request more landscaping of the front yard. Planting trees in the <br /> parking lot eliminates even more stalls - the restaurant caters to <br /> people with cars , not pedestrians . <br /> Chairman McGrenera interjected that any landscaping should <br /> not obstruct the view of the motorist. <br /> Further discussion followed, leading to a verbal agreement <br /> between the Plan Commission and the petitioners that the Yankee Doodle <br /> Dandy property will include landscaping the parking lot as discussed. <br /> Cummins then moved for approval of the special use permit <br /> requested by Yankee Doodle Dandy. Hamilton seconded and all in attendance <br /> voted aye. <br /> At 10:00 P.M. Alan Trayser, Village Planning Consultant, left the meeting. <br /> He conveyed to the Commissioners that Mr. Thomas Buckly, President of <br /> Carl L. Gardner and Associates , would attend a Commission meeting soon <br /> for an introduction. <br /> Bonavolonta <br /> Mr. Charles Byrum was present to represent Mr. Bonavolonta. <br /> Chairman McGrenera advised Mr. Byrum that the Village will not waive <br /> the 10% land donation. In addition, School District 54 will be annexing <br /> land west of 1-90, inclusive of the Bonavolonta property, from S.D. 59. <br /> In response to a question from Byrum, Chairman McGrenera <br /> replied that the 10% land donation is in the residential development <br /> only, not the commercial . Byrum then requested a copy of the 10% land <br /> donation policy. <br /> Wesley still believes that the density is over what is <br /> allowed by the ordinance. In calculating the density, private streets <br /> and ways (as interpreted in the Village Attorney's letter of 10-3-74 <br /> to McGrenera) are to be excluded. <br /> Byrum was told by Chairman McGrenera that the concept was <br /> worthy of consideration by the Commission, but before resubmitting any <br /> proposals , they must adhere to the interpretation of density and <br /> other zoning ordinances . In this way, an objective answer can be <br /> given to the petitioner. If their proposal is not within the framework <br /> of the Zoning Ordinance, then what will be the deviation. Additionally, <br /> the Commission would like to know what is proposed for the B-2 and B-3 <br /> zoning requests . <br /> Wesley wanted to see a new plan adhering to the Ordinance. <br /> Grice said that it is possible to exceed 20 units per acre <br /> and still have a well planned development, but he would have to see <br /> the plan. Also, under no circumstances , according to his interpretation <br /> of the Engineer's report, would an open sewage retention tank be allowed. <br /> The Building Commissioner responded to Byrum's last question <br /> by answering that land dedication is not included in figuring density. <br /> Revised plans will be submitted to the Plan Commission. <br /> - 2 - 10/10/74 <br /> Plan Commission <br />