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MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br /> PLAN COMMISSION <br /> August 29, 1974 <br /> The public hearing of the Elk Grove Village Plan Commission was called <br /> to order by Chairman Richard Mc Grenera at 8:10 P.M. Thursday, August 29, <br /> 1974 in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Building. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Richard Mc Grenera Joseph Cimino <br /> Marc Grice William Wesley <br /> Edward Hauser <br /> STAFF PRESENT: Edward Hofert, Village Attorney <br /> Al Walla, Bureau Supervisor, Division of <br /> Bldg. & Zoning <br /> Robert Franz, Assistant Village Manager <br /> Jan Lewis, Administrative Intern <br /> Thomas Rettenbacher, Building Commissioner <br /> (Present at 10 P.M.) <br /> Public Hearing - Maioriello Petition for R-3 Special Use <br /> McGrenera read the opinion (attached) of Village Attorney Hofert in <br /> response to the opinions of the attorneys for the petitioner, Maiorello, <br /> and the objectors, the Dentroeders and Cantrells. The opinion stated: <br /> There is no Illinois Court ruling on this specific issue; a funeral home <br /> can be a Special Use in a residential district but it overall weakens the <br /> Zoning Ordinance; and if a Special use is to be_granted_ , it-should-be-with_ <br /> definitive standards. <br /> Mc Grenera opened the meeting to general discussion by the Plan <br /> Commission. Wesley moved acceptance of a text amendment to, the Zoning <br /> Ordinance to include the designation'funeral home' in the permitted Special <br /> Use category for an R-3 (residential district). Grice seconded the motion. <br /> Hauser asked for comments on the Village Attorney's suggestion of the need <br /> for definitive standards to be applied to the Special Use. The Village <br /> Attorney conjectured some of the areas in which standards may want to be <br /> developed: size of lot, traffic, parking, screening, lighting, hours of <br /> duration. Some of the Commission did feel incapable to develop standards <br /> at this meeting. <br /> Hauser asked about possible weakening of the Zoning Ordinance through <br /> the addition of special uses. Hofert presented copies of the "Lazaruth Case" <br /> to the Commission. It showed that profit or not-for-profit is not a d:isti.nguish- <br /> able standard of an organization. Hofert stated, however, that adding one <br /> incompatible special use to the list of Special Uses opens the list to other <br /> incompatible uses. Future denial of Special Uses must then bear a direct <br /> relationship to hardship to public he&lth, safety, morals and general welfare. <br /> Hauser asked why a Spec`ia1, Use category is needed when two Zoning categories <br /> currently include funeral owners. <br />