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-2- <br /> Grice withdrew the second to the motion. Wesley withdrew the <br /> motion. Hauser moved that the request to add designation 'funeral <br /> home' to the Special Use category for R-3 residential zoning be denied. <br /> The motion died for lack of a second. A ten minute recess was called <br /> at 9:05 P.M. <br /> The meeting resumed at 9:14 P.M. Mc Grenera read a report <br /> from Thomas Rettenbacher, Building Commissioner, stating Clearmont <br /> Drive is 34 ft. wide, making it a secondary arterial . <br /> Wesley moved that the Plan Commission recommend a text <br /> amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to include the designation 'funeral <br /> home' in the permitted Special Use category for an R-3 residential <br /> district and further recommended the Village Board adopt appropriate <br /> standards for that special use. Grice seconded the motion. Hauser <br /> spoke in opposition to the motion and asked for a justification of the <br /> change. Wesley stated that other mun,i;cipalities permit it and that <br /> in his opinion this was the best of the alternatives open to the <br /> Commission with respect to this petition. Hauser pointed out that <br /> more municipalities don't permit it than do permit it. The vote,was <br /> three to one in favor of the motion. In favor were Grice, Cimino <br /> and Wesley. Opposed was Hauser. The motion passed. <br /> Wesley moved that the petitioner, the Maioriellos, be granted <br /> a Special Use permit for a funeral home and residence at 1199 Arlington <br /> Heights Road, Elk Grove Village. Grice seconded the motion. Hauser <br /> asked who would set the standards. Hofert suggested the Plan Commission <br /> draft a supplemental .letter proposing standards. Grice agreed the Plan <br /> Commission will present standards. The vote was three to one in favor - <br /> of the motion. In favor were Cimino, Grice and Wesley. Opposed was <br /> Hauser. The motion passed. <br /> It was determined the sign variation is not within the juris- <br /> diction of the Plan Commission. No action was taken on .the variation <br /> request. The public hearing adjourned at 9:47 P.M. <br /> General Discussion <br /> The meeting resumed at 9:55 P.M. with McGrenera telling the <br /> .result's- of the joint meeting of the Village Board and Plan Commission. <br /> He advised that a letter was sent to Hugo Stark, Superintendent of <br /> Highways, Cook County, encouraging consideration for a Devon Avenue- <br /> Nerge Road alignment. <br /> Resubdivision - Section 21 <br /> Claude Koenig oT Centex explained the poor soil conditions in <br /> lots seven through eleven in Section 21 . There is a peat bog which <br /> reaches a depth of 33 feet in that area. The purpose of the resubdivision <br /> is to change the lot characteristics so houses could be built on firm <br /> ground on these lots. Rettenbacher explained that soil conditions are - <br /> checked when the buildings are built. Cimino moved that we accept the <br /> Resubdivision of 1 , 2, 3, 4 on Oregon Trail , Section 21 , providing <br /> that the prospective owners are notified of the soil conditions on the <br /> back of the lot prior to purchase and notification of unique soil condition.s <br /> on other lots in the subdivision be made. Wesley seconded the motion. It _ <br /> passed unanimously. <br />