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Centex Homes Corporation (continued) <br /> At this point, it was the consensus of the Commission that <br /> each objection raised in their March 12th report to the Village Board <br /> on Section 21 be reviewed in light of the new plat: (a) Satisfaction <br /> was expressed over the southern access ; (b) The two proposed intersections <br /> with Meacham Road were acceptable providing that: the traffic exiting <br /> the southern most intersection be allowed to go north only (a non-mountable <br /> medium was recommended for this location along Meacham Road) ; and, the <br /> northern most intersection be signalized and aligned with a future <br /> street west of Meacham Road in the Vale tract; (c) A cul-de-sac and a <br /> new street were requested in the southeast section of the tract to <br /> break up a "super block" and slow down traffic; (d) One of the two <br /> cul-de-sacs proposed in the northeasterly section was eliminated with <br /> the other increased in length for traffic safety purposes ; and (e) That <br /> the public land donation issue should be dealt with by the Village <br /> Board with particular emphasis on whether detention/retention areas <br /> are to be included. <br /> It was the developer's request that the Plan Commission waive <br /> approval of the tentative plat and thereby allow him to immediately <br /> request Village Board approval . A motion to this effect was made by <br /> Cummins and seconded by Killion. Discussion included comment by <br /> staff that such action would not expedite this matter because approval <br /> of a Final Plat is necessary prior to work commencing on the site. <br /> On the roll call , voting AYE were: Cummins , Killion and Krasnow; <br /> voting NAY were: Hamilton, Grice, Cimino and Hauser. Whereupon the <br /> motion was defeated. <br /> Direction was then given the developer that a revised Tentative <br /> Plat be prepared in light of comments made at this meeting and that such <br /> plat be submitted for Staff review as soon as possible. The developer <br /> agreed to this and will submit sufficient copies prior to the April 18th <br /> Plan Commission meeting. <br /> NEW BUSINESS item I .C. - G & S RESUBDIVISION (MAYFAIR INDUSTRIAL PARK) <br /> This property is not in the flood plain and does not require <br /> review by the North Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District. <br /> The Village Engineer had approved this plat. It was moved by Krasnow <br /> and seconded by Killion that the plat be approved. On the roll call , <br /> voting AYE were: Cummins , Killion, Krasnow, Grice, Hauser and Cimino. <br /> Hamilton abstained. <br /> UNFINISHED BUSINESS item 3.F. - CENTEX NORTH - STAGE II <br /> A staff report, dated April 4, 1974, was submitted to the <br /> Plan Commission on the revised site plan for this development. Robert <br /> Babbin, architect for the petitioner, was in attendance and after <br /> discussion, was directed to prepare a Final Plat to include the <br /> following: (a) Relocation of the utility easement, (b) Additional <br /> dimensions locating the buildings , (c) Elimination of certain parking <br /> spaces , (d) Include dimensions of fire lanes , and (e) Move loading <br /> dock in southeast corner away from driving area. <br /> - 2 - 4/4/74 <br />