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Minutes <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COM14ISSION <br /> Date: Wednesday, December 7, 1983 <br /> Location: Multi-Purpose Room <br /> Municipal Building <br /> 901 Wellington Avenue <br /> The meeting was called to order by Chairman Glass at 8:15 p.m. <br /> Members Present: Members Absent: <br /> John Glass, Chairman Orrin Stangeland <br /> Leah Cummins, Secretary Frederick Geinosky <br /> Clark Fulton George Mullen <br /> David Paliganoff <br /> Staff Present: <br /> Robert Callahan, Building Department Supervisor <br /> Arlington Heights Proposed <br /> Comprehensive Plan & Thoroughfare Plan <br /> Chairman Glass introduced a letter from the Arlington Heights <br /> Planning Department and a sketch map for the proposed Arlington Heights <br /> Comprehensive Plan and Thoroughfare Plan. After some discussion, it <br /> was decided that no comment was to be made at this time and the letter <br /> and map was routed to the Judiciary, Planning and Zoning Committee. <br /> Section 26 <br /> (North of University Avenue) <br /> Mr. Clark Fulton spoke on the Centex presentation of their proposed <br /> product line for Section 26. A discussion followed on the relative <br /> merits of the proposed detached garages and their locations. <br /> Comprehensive Master Plan <br /> The Commission members discussed the Elk Grove Village Comprehensive <br /> Plan and Land Use Map. The necessity and procedures for revising these <br /> documents were discussed in some detail. No recommendations or decisions <br /> were, however, arrived at and the discussion was postponed until the <br /> next meeting. <br /> 12/21/83 Plan Commission Meeting <br /> Mr. Clark Fulton moved to cancel the scheduled meeting on <br /> December 21, 1983. The motion was seconded by Mr. Dave Paliganoff. <br /> The motion carried with a unanimous vote. <br />