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Plan Commission Minutes - 2 - June 1, 1983 <br /> Docket 83-5 (continued) <br /> Mr. Paul Prendo of the Trailsway Bus Company explained the proposed <br /> schedule of service. In the beginning, a bus would come off the North- <br /> west Tollway at Route 53 and proceed on Higgins Road to the site, <br /> then enter the Tollway again at Arlington Heights Road each evening at <br /> 8:30 p.m. , and then proceed into the Chicago Terminal . Each morning <br /> at 8:30 a.m. the bus would come from Chicago and then go north on the <br /> Tollway. Mr. Prendo outlined for the Commission the rules for the <br /> driver and bus to follow at the stop. In the future they expect to <br /> increase service to four stops per day. <br /> The Commission members asked questions concerning: shelter for <br /> passengers; hours that travel agency would operate to accommodate bus <br /> passengers arriving and departing; size of busses, whether passenger <br /> or cargo vehicles; security provisions (evenings, early morning) ; <br /> lengthy discussion on number of packages to be handled; route of <br /> passengers from Travel Shoppe to bus stop. <br /> Mr. Niemiec and Mr. Wadford had no objections to any conditions <br /> imposed as long as they were reasonable. <br /> At the conclusion of the Public Hearing (there were no objections) , <br /> the Plan Commission continued with their deliberations, at which time <br /> George Mullen made the following motion, seconded by Orrin Stangeland: <br /> A motion to recommend approval of a Special Use Permit for a bus <br /> station as an ancillary use to the Travel Shoppe at 1020 East <br /> Higgins Road, subject to the following conditions: <br /> 1) That adequate security lighting be provided for bus <br /> and passengers. <br /> 2) That the bus area be striped and signed for bus use <br /> only. <br /> 3) That a marked aisle be provided leading from walk <br /> area to parking lot. <br /> 4) Not more than scheduled (both intra- and inter-state) <br /> buses be permitted. <br /> The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m. <br /> Res a ly submitted, <br /> Thomas F. Rettenbacher <br /> Building Commissioner <br /> ms <br /> c: Chairman & Members of Plan Commission, Village President & Board of <br /> Trustees, Village Clerk, Village Manager, Assistant Village Manager, <br /> Administrative Assistant, Building Commissioner, Village Engineer, <br /> Director of Public Works, Fire Chief, Director of Parks and Recreation, <br /> Centex, NWMC. <br />