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Ed Hauser was concerned about driveway vision obstruction. Tom <br /> Rettenbacher stated that the 10 foot triangle line of sight supersedes <br /> all else. <br /> A consensus was taken, and the staff was directed to discuss with <br /> the Village Board on July 12 at their regular meeting. <br /> GENERAL <br /> Chairman Glass asked about the status of the Hamilton Lakes <br /> Village Development. Chairman Petri stated at the present time he had <br /> no new information. <br /> DEVON AVENUE CORRIDOR <br /> Chairman Glass advised the JPZ that the Plan Commission closed <br /> discussion on the Devon Avenue Corridor. Chairman Petri stated that it <br /> was back in the JPZ Committee. He also explained that the JPZ was <br /> disappointed with Rolf Campbell 's presentation, and due to conflicting <br /> meetings, the members of the JPZ were unable to attend all the <br /> meetings. Chairman Petri felt the entire proceedings could have been <br /> handled better on all sides. <br /> GENERAL DISCUSSION <br /> The Plan Commission expressed their concerns over the development <br /> of the Hamilton Manor Apartments. Chairman Petri was concerned about <br /> the Days Inn screening, and warned Tom Rettenbacher to be on the <br /> lookout during the permit process. <br /> An update on 751 Lively Blvd. was given to the Plan Commission and <br /> JPZ by Tom Rettenbacher. Mr. Rettenbacher stated that up to this date <br /> there were too many faults with the project. <br /> The JPZ left at 9:00 p.m. and the Plan Commission stayed on to <br /> finish up some business. <br /> Palmisano Resubdivision, which was dividing one lot into two was <br /> brought in front of the Plan Commission. <br /> When all inquiries were answered pertaining to the subdivision, a <br /> motion was made for approval by Leah Cummins. The motion was seconded <br /> by Dave Paliganoff, and passed unanimously (Mullen absent) . <br /> A copy of a letter written to Chairman Glass by Robin Weaver was <br /> passed out to the members of the Plan Commission. The letter stated <br /> that Mrs. Weaver's resignation from the Village had no connection to <br /> the Devon Avenue Corridor. A copy of the letter was sent to the <br /> Village Attorney, George Knickerbocker, and the original was placed in <br /> the Devon Avenue Corridor file. <br />