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E V1 <br /> 'rt t(tE-pr['`• <br /> AGENDA <br /> REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING <br /> February 13, 2018 <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> INVOCATION (PASTOR CERNA CASTRO RAND, PRINCE OF PEACE UNITED <br /> METHODIST CHURCH) <br /> 3.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF JANUARY 23, 2018 <br /> 4. MAYOR&BOARD OF TRUSTEES` REPORT <br /> 5.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: JANUARY 31, 2018 $2,975,085.97 <br /> FEBRUARY 13, 2018 $2,130,220.79 <br /> 6. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> a. Consideration to waive formal bidding procedures and award a purchase contract to <br /> Energenecs, Inc. of Saukville, WI to design& furnish two replacement sanitary sewer lift <br /> station pump control panels in the amount of$74,510 from the Water& Sewer Fund. <br /> (The Village has standardized on control panels designed and manufactured by <br /> Energenecs. <br /> (These two panels would replace existing control panels at the Rohlwing and Merge Lift <br /> Stations. The components within the existing panels have exceeded their operational life <br /> and are beginning to fail. Installation will be conducted as part of a planned maintenance <br /> rehabilitation project for these stations. <br /> (Energenecs is the successor firm of the Village's SCADA consultants and has performed <br /> similar work to the Village's satisfaction in the past. <br /> (Adequate funds are available in the Water& Sewer Fund. <br /> (The Director of Public Works recommends approval.) <br /> b. Consideration to award a professional service contract to Engineering Resource Associates <br /> of Warrenville, IL for Phase 11 Engineering Services for two separate water main <br /> replacement projects: 1.) Maple Lane (Victoria Lane to Maple Court) and 2.) Armstrong <br /> Lane (Cindy Lane to .lames Way) in the amount of$75,379.63 from the Water and Sewer <br /> Fund. <br /> Page 1 of 7 <br />