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Piinutes <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> January 20, 1988 <br /> Members Present: Members Absent: <br /> John Glass, Chairman Leah Cummins <br /> Clark Fulton Fred Geinosky <br /> Phil Knudsen <br /> George Mullen <br /> Dave Paliganoff <br /> Staff Present: <br /> Robin Weaver, Administrative Assistant <br /> Earle Kracht, Plan Reviewer <br /> Julie Carius, Administrative Intern <br /> Chuck Henrici, Fire Chief (8:35 P.M.) <br /> Others Present: <br /> David Grossberg, Attorney Representing Trammell Crow <br /> Greg Plouff, Project Manager, Trammell Crow <br /> Bruce White, Development Partner for Trammell Crow <br /> Tom Hartman, Landscape Architect, Landscapes By Design, Inc. <br /> Arnold Seaberg, Chief Engineer, Advance Consulting Engineers, Hinsdale <br /> Approximately 24 people in the audience, including <br /> Two "reporters <br /> Chairman Glass called the meeting and Public Hearing to order at 8:05 P.M. <br /> Docket 88-1 Hamilton Lakes Village - Amendment to Site Plan <br /> (located north of Devon Avenue and east of I-290) <br /> Development partner, Bruce White and Attorney, David Grossberg, presented <br /> their request for a revised Preliminary Plat of Planned Unit Development and <br /> a Revised Final Plat for Phase I of Hamilton Lakes Village. White explained <br /> that the Army Corps of Engineers has tightened requirements regarding the <br /> preservation and maintenance of designated wetlands. As a result, Trammell <br /> Crow is now required to submit an amended plan which provides for the <br /> maintenance of 6.2 acres of low quality wetland area. Grossberg reiterated <br /> that the purpose of maintaining this land is to allow it to remain in its <br /> natural state. In addition to the changes involving this mitigation plan, <br /> White reviewed the additional changes to the plans: <br /> 1. The number of buildings to be reduced from 41 to 37. <br /> 2. The number of units to remain unchanged at 684, but <br /> the number of bedrooms to be reduced from 1,006 to 1,000. <br /> 3. The average net area per unit to increase from 838 <br /> square feet to 858 square feet. <br /> 4. The amount of open space outside of the 10 foot envelope <br /> has decreased from 27. 75 acres to 27.06 acres. The <br /> 50% open space requirement is still met. <br />