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Minutes <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> Wednesday, June 2, 1982 <br /> The joint meeting of the Plan Commission and the Judiciary, Planning <br /> and Zoning Committee of the Elk Grove Village Board of Trustees was <br /> called to order by John R. Glass, Chairman, Plan Commission at 7:30 p.m. <br /> on Wednesday, June 2, 1982 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Municipal <br /> Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> Members Present Members Absent <br /> Plan Commission: <br /> Glass, John R. , Chairman Mullen, George E. <br /> Cummins, Leah, Secretary <br /> Fulton, Clark <br /> Geinosky, Frederick C. <br /> Paliganoff, David J. <br /> Stangeland, Orrin J. <br /> Judiciary, Planning and Zoning Committee: <br /> Petri, James P. , Chairman None <br /> Bosslet, Joseph T. <br /> Hauser, Edward R. <br /> Staff Present <br /> Thomas F. Rettenbacher, Building Commissioner <br /> Steven J. Wylie, Administrative Intern <br /> Chairman Glass proposed that the Plan Commission and the Judiciary, <br /> Planning and Zoning Committee meet jointly once each quarter. It was <br /> agreed upon that the two bodies would meet the first Wednesday of the <br /> first month of each quarter at 8 p.m. The next joint meeting was <br /> therefore scheduled for 8 p.m. , July 7, 1982. <br /> The meeting proceeded on the following matters: <br /> Subdivision Control Ordinance Requirements for Sidewalks <br /> For a number of reasons, there are many properties within Elk Grove <br /> Village with no sidewalks. The discussion focused on the appropriate <br /> manner in which to rectify this situation and bring these properties <br /> into compliance with the Subdivision Control Ordinance. <br /> Trustee Petri noted that in some areas it might be a hardship to <br /> require the installation of sidewalks at the present time. Petri did, <br /> however, indicate that provisions needed to be made for the eventual <br /> installation of sidewalks. Building Commissioner Rettenbacher suggested <br /> perhaps requiring performance bonds. Secretary Cummins commented that <br /> contact should be made with the Greater 0.'--Hard Association of Industry <br /> and Commerce for guidance and perhaps use as a buffer between the Village <br /> and the business community. <br /> Steve Wylie, Administrative Intern, then relayed a message from <br /> the Village Manager that an option that might be considered by the <br />