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• • <br /> Minutes <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> Date: Wednesday, November 14, 1984 <br /> Location: Council Chamber <br /> Municipal Building <br /> 901 Wellington Avenue <br /> The Public Hearing was called to order at 8:18 p.m. by Chairman Glass. <br /> Members Present: Members Absent: <br /> John Glass, Chairman Leah Cummins <br /> George Mullen <br /> Dave Paliganoff <br /> Orrin Stangeland <br /> Fred Geinosky <br /> Clark Fulton <br /> Staff Present: <br /> Ray Peterson, Village Engineer <br /> Tom Rettenbacher, Building Commissioner <br /> Robin Weaver, Administrative Assistant <br /> Public Hearing - Docket 84-9: Petition for Special Use <br /> Centex Section 23B, Resubdivision 3 <br /> Testimony on behalf of Centex Homes Midwest, Inc. was presented by: <br /> Fred Feinstein, an attorney for Centex; Gerry Harker, President of Centex; <br /> Joe Luciani, Vice-President of Centex; and Paul Ulatowski, an Engineer <br /> with Henderson and Bodwell. <br /> The location discussed is bounded by Plum Grove Road on the West, <br /> Stockbridge Subdivision (23A) and Windemere Subdivision on the East, <br /> residential in Schaumburg on the South, and the Fox Run Golf Course <br /> and Westgate Subdivision (23B, Resubdivisions #1 and #2) on the North. <br /> A Special Use in R-3 zoning is permitted by ordinance. The minimum <br /> lot size is 6,000 square feet and 50% must equal or exceed 7,000 square <br /> feet. The petitioners stated that their plans meet these requirements. <br /> This resubdivision will include 249 units which will bring the total <br /> units in 23B to 387 lots. The lots abutting Windemere will be 7,000 <br /> square feet. The Windemere lots at that location are 7,500 square feet. <br /> Gerry Harker indicated that no variations were being requested and <br /> emphasized that all unit purchasers in Westgate and Stockbridge were <br /> informed of development plans in the adjacent area. Chairman Glass <br /> noted that three (3) residences on Hudson Court were not given notice <br /> of public hearing despite their proximity to the proposed development. <br /> He requested that staff correct the situation. According to Gerry <br /> Harker, 2.5 acres more than originally planned will be used to buffer <br /> the two product lines (Westgate and Stockbridge) from one another. <br /> Planning statistics were distributed by Fred Feinstein and are <br /> attached to these minutes. A $20,000 annual gross revenue increase <br /> for Elk Grove Village was estimated by the petitioners. <br />