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• • <br /> Minutes <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> Date: Wednesday, January 9, 1985 <br /> Location: Council Chamber <br /> Municipal Building <br /> 901 Wellington Avenue <br /> The meeting was called to order at 8:18 p.m. by Chairman Glass. <br /> Members Present: Members Absent: <br /> John Glass, Chairman George Mullen <br /> Leah Cummins, Secretary Fred Geinosky <br /> Dave Paliganoff <br /> Clark Fulton <br /> Orrin Stangeland <br /> Staff Present: <br /> Robin Weaver, Administrative Assistant <br /> Docket 84-14: Petition for Special Use <br /> Hampton Inns <br /> Rick Wendy related that there was no update on discussions regarding <br /> removal of the existing billboard on the property. He assured the <br /> Commissioners that every avenue was being researched. <br /> Clark Fulton inquired as to whether the petitioner was planning on <br /> obtaining business from the tollway. Ed Forester stated that the feasi- <br /> bility studies were based on business from the immediate area and from <br /> the nationwide reservation system. The sign near the tollway would be <br /> to secure national name recognition for the motel chain. Jeff Crane <br /> noted that an independent study by a national accounting firm which <br /> evaluated this site location rated it as one of the best ten sites <br /> studied for Hampton Inns in the country. The study indicated that the <br /> area economy and growth were excellent. Ed Forester explained that <br /> Hampton Inns plans on tapping into the huge training needs of the area. <br /> He detailed that many area firms have consolidated their training <br /> programs to this area and will therefore require motel accommodations <br /> for those employees it brings into the area to receive training. <br /> On the topic of parking stall size, Ed Forester stated thatsince <br /> approximately 40% of their customers will arrive from O'Hare without . <br /> cars, the parking lot would never be full. Commissioners reiterated <br /> their concerns about parking stalls with widths less than ten (10) feet. <br /> Orrin Stangeland stated his objection to a ninety-five (95') foot sign <br /> next to the tollway. He said he felt it would not benefit Elk Grove <br /> Village directly or indirectly and that a sign at that height would be <br /> obnoxious. <br /> Leah Cummins asked what happens to hotels in bleak economic times. <br /> According to Ed Forester, usually the lender takes over the facility and <br /> hires a management group to operate it. Jeff Crane noted that as this <br /> will not be a full service motel, it would weather hard economic times <br /> better than most motels. <br />