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Plan Commission Minutes - 2 - October 29, 1986 <br /> DOCKET 86-12: MANAV SEVA MANDIR, INC. (continued) <br /> Glass stated that in light of the response to the last question, <br /> he would continue with the public hearing. <br /> Many of the people in the audience addressed the Plan Commission <br /> relative to their concerns regarding potential parking and traffic <br /> problems, the number of members in MSM, the need for references from <br /> facilities which MSM has rented, property values, child safety, the <br /> number of people who would use the MSM Center, and the potential <br /> benefits to be gained from the Indian culture. <br /> (9:15 p.m. - 10 minute recess. ) <br /> Given presented written information explaining MSM to the Plan <br /> Commission. <br /> Vinod Thakkar presented information regarding traffic counts <br /> for comparison purposes from a school in Des Plaines. The facility <br /> has been operated by Lutheran General Hospital for several years. <br /> He also presented a petition containing 91 signatures of Elk Grove <br /> Village residents who support the MSM Center to the Plan Commission. <br /> Thakkar presented the results of several surveys from facilities <br /> which MSM had previously rented. <br /> Mehta responded to the concerns about parking spaces by stating <br /> that 64 spaces would be required by the Village Code. <br /> Given thanked the Plan Commission and the Village Staff for their <br /> professionalism and impartiality, and the residents for their courteousness. <br /> He stated that MSM does not suggest that there is any discrimination <br /> on the part of the Plan Commission or Village Staff. He further noted <br /> that parking at the MSM Center would not be a problem, with the exception <br /> of once a year or so on special occasions. Given said that MSM would <br /> agree to various conditions and limitations placed upon the use of the <br /> proposed Center. <br /> Given stated that MSM would agree to limit traffic and parking <br /> during non-worship times and would remain in Village Codes. He said <br /> that the specific conditions would be addressed at the next meeting. f <br /> Chairman Glass announced that the public hearing would be recessed <br /> until counsel advises differently. <br /> The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 p.m. <br /> Respectfully submitted, <br /> J hn M. Coakley <br /> Administrative Intern <br /> ms <br /> c: Chairman & Members of Plan Commission, Village President, I <br /> Board of Trustees, Village Clerk, Village Manager, Assistant <br /> Village Manager, Administrative Assistant, Administrative <br /> Intern, Building Commissioner, Village Engineer, Director i <br /> of Public Works, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Village <br /> Attorney, Park District, NfVMC, S.D. #59. <br /> I <br /> I <br />