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MINUTES OF l <br /> PLAN COMMISSION MEETING <br /> August 7, 1969 <br /> PRESENT: Gayle Bantner, Leah Cummins, William Shannon <br /> ABSENT: H. Pottker <br /> EXCUSED: S. Schwellenbach, G. Tvrdy, Tom Hamilton <br /> Gayle Bantner, Senior Member of the Commission, was acting Chairman for the <br /> meeting and called the meeting to order at 8:22 p.m. The Chairman asked that we <br /> note in the records that even though there were only three members present, we <br /> decided to act upon the business at hand because of the backlog of plats to <br /> consider and since the Village Board has the final approval of the cases we had <br /> on the Agenda. <br /> The first item of business was an informal meeting with Mr. Cooper <br /> representing a Porsche distributorship that desired to locate in the Village. <br /> He requested an informal meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission so that <br /> he would have some idea as to whether his plans for a distributorship were <br /> compatible with the ideas of the Village. <br /> The site in question is 22 acres on Elmhurst Road just south of the Toll <br /> Road and north of S. N. Robbins Company. Mr. Cooper explained the business in <br /> detail, pointing out the fact that the operation was -on a long term basis and <br /> that the buildings would be of exceptional quality. The Board agreed that it was <br /> an exceptional structure. <br /> After much discussion it was the concensus of the Board that this business <br /> would be of value to the Village and since it was informal, we' suggested that <br /> Mr. Cooper proceed through normal channels asking for a B-1 zoning with the <br /> understanding that he would take I-2 with a special use.*under the new ordinance <br /> when adopted. <br /> The second item of the meeting was a resubdivision of Centex Industrial <br /> Park Unit 131 (originally Unit 121) . The petitioners were represented by <br /> Mr. Willard C. Meyer and Mr. Tony Vertico. The .resubdivision was being <br /> requested because when building was started on Unit 121 which had been approved <br /> by the Plan Commission and the Village Board, it was found that the soil was <br /> not acceptable for building purposes. As such they had to extend the lot 195 ft. <br /> east, contiguous with the present property, and 350 ft. north and south which is <br /> the same depth as unit 121 was. Because the original plat had been approved by <br /> the Plan Commission and the Village Board, Leah Cummins moved to accept re- <br /> subdivision subject to Village Engineer's approval. It was seconded by Bill <br /> Shannon and passed unanimously. <br /> The third item was a review of the Plat -of Dedication for public streets in <br /> Mayfair Industrial Park. Leah Cummins moved that we recommend approval, <br /> seconded by Bill Shannon, and passed unanimously. <br /> The next four items were the preliminary and final plats on Higgins <br /> Industrial Park Unit 14, 15, 16, and 17. On all four units, Leah moved that we <br /> recommend the approval of the plats subject to the Engineer's approval. All <br /> were seconded by Bill Shannon and passed unanimously. <br />