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_ 1T _ r_ TZ _ _ <br /> AINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING HELD BY THL P.L.\l�T COMMISSION OF E.LI. --YZ(O VE <br /> VIL iv t ARCH 5, 1970 IN THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: a Also present: C .A.Willis, Village <br /> Manager <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, Charman Tom Rettenbacher, <br /> Gerald Tvrdy Building Supervisor <br /> Gayle Bantner <br /> Richard Pottker, <br /> Alvin Kra snow <br /> William Shannon, Secretary <br /> Thomas Hamilton <br /> Excused: Leah Cummins, Charles Siewert <br /> WILD OAKS SUBDIVISION - 10 Acres <br /> James Carroll, petitioner, requested a rezoning from M-1 (manufacturing) to A-2 (multi- <br /> family) . In compliance with-the request of the Plan Commission at the last meeting , Mr. <br /> Carroll presented a revised land use map even though this was not an item of considera- <br /> tion in the zoning request. However, the Plan Commission felt it would be most important <br /> to include this feature into the pre-annexation agreerr-,ent in order to be assured of good <br /> planning and development. <br /> The revised land use map was a decided.improvement over the one originally presented <br /> and after considerable discussion, -Mr. Tvrdy made a motion to recommend to the Village <br /> Board that there be no change in zoning . Motion died for lack of a second.. <br /> After the petitioner clarified several other minor matters, motion was made by Mr. Krasnow <br /> that the Plan Commission recommend to the Board of Trustees approval of the request in <br /> zoning from i\.2-1-to.A-2 -subject to a limit of 156 units in the project and subject to a cash <br /> donation in lieu of the 10% land dedication with such donation being applied to benefit the <br /> residents in the northeast section of the Village . This would provide a density of approxi- <br /> mately 18 units per acre . Motion was seconded by Mr. Hamilton anti it passed with Mr. <br /> Tvrdy casting a dissenting vote . <br /> The purpose of stating the maximum number of units should be stipulated in the pre-annexa- <br /> tion agreement in order to control the density which is less than the maximum permitted in <br /> the existing ordinance . It was pointed out that there will be 72 units on the west side, <br /> _ abutting residential, and 84 units on the east side similar to the layout submitted at the <br /> previous He. . - - <br /> --At this time, the Plah 'Commissibn feels it proper to go on record that there should be no <br /> further multi-family units allowed on the northeast end of the village . Developers should <br /> be cognizant of the fact that sewage facilities are limited, commercial districts are limited <br /> as to service, school districts are not in a position to absorb additional students and park <br /> district officials would be unable to provide open space for the-neighborhood. Also, the <br /> flight patterns of O'Hare Field will prohibit almost any. further residential in this area. <br /> Further, the Plan Commission would appreciate being advised' of results of any future <br /> informal hearings on any requests similar to this . This would able the Commission members <br /> to work more effectively with the Board of Trustees in bringing about the development of <br /> - 1 - <br />