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PLAN COMMISSION MEETING August 26, 1968 <br /> Members Present were: <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, President <br /> Gayle Bantner <br /> Frank Denny <br /> Tom Hamilton <br /> W. R. Ballard <br /> W. R. Ballard moved for the approval of the preliminary and final plats <br /> of Centex Industrial Park, Unit #92. It was seconded by Frank Denny; <br /> vote was unanimous. <br /> Frank Denny moved that the Commission recommend to the Village Board <br /> the annexation of the Elk Grove motel property as covered by the public <br /> hearing, and further, that the zoning be permitted as commercial. It <br /> was seconded by Gayle Bantner; vote was unanimous. <br /> The Commission then discussed the public hearing of the proposed fence <br /> ordinance. The only thing found worthy in the ordinance is that a <br /> six-foot fence could be permitted. Some of the items which should be <br /> changed in the proposed ordinance are as follows : <br /> 1. The type of fence surrounding a swimming pool should <br /> be adequately described since it is a mandatory fence <br /> to be used for the protection of other village resi- <br /> dents. <br /> 2. The type of pool . . . i.e. above or below ground should <br /> not be the determining factor in the heighth of the <br /> fence. <br /> 3. The depth of a pool, not the capacity in gallons, should <br /> be the determining factor as to whether a fence would be <br /> required or not. <br /> 4. The ground level or grade level determination in re- <br /> lationship to adjoining lots is unnecessary and should <br /> be deleted. The ordinance should provide a maximum of <br /> a six-foot fence regardless of ground or grade level of <br /> adjoining lots. If a hardship is created, a variance <br /> could then be requested. <br /> 5. The Commission recommends that consideration be given to <br /> creative fences in front yards that extend beyond the <br /> building set back line. <br /> 6. If the Village Board is attempting to limit the height <br /> of shrubbery and the location of it on private property, <br /> they should also regulate and take proper action for <br /> shrubbery now existing on public property under their <br /> control. A good illustration would be the intersection <br /> of Tonne and Clearmont. <br />