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• <br /> PLAN COMMISSION MEETING February 13 , 1967 <br /> The members present were: <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, Chairman <br /> Dick Mc Grenera <br /> Bill Ballard <br /> Jack Denny <br /> Gayle Bantner <br /> also Richard Winkle and Evans Stebbens <br /> Mr. Winkle and Mr. Stebbens appeared before the Commission requesting we relay <br /> our recommendation on the 1100 acres as soon as possible. They stated their <br /> land planners needed this for laying out the master plan and would ultimately <br /> assist the schools and parks since additional time could be allowed for the <br /> decision on where they should be placed. <br /> Bill Ballard moved for the approval of the final plat of Wideburg sub-division <br /> in the. Devon-O'Hare Industrial Park, Unit 12. It was seconded by Dick McGrenera. <br /> The vote was unanimous. <br /> Jack Denny moved for the approval of the preliminary and final on Centex <br /> Industrial Park Unit 57. Bill Ballard seconded it; vote was unanimous. <br /> Jack Denny moved for the approval of Section 15; seconded by Bill Ballard. <br /> A discussion followed and it was suggested that the Village Manager give us <br /> a report on the status of the inquiry sent to Mr. Hoeffert as to what the <br /> Plan Commission could require or recommend on dedications. The motion was <br /> then tabled until a reply could be received. <br /> Jack Denny moved that the rezoning of the 1100 acres from R-1 to R-3 be <br /> approved. Gayle Bantner seconded it. After due discussion, the vote was <br /> unanimous. <br /> With respect to the hearing held January 19 on the BOUC property concerning <br /> the pre-annexation zoning on parcels 2 and 3 and also and also a special use <br /> to permit the construction of an industrial medical clinic and other offices <br /> approximately in the area of the existing clinic, it was dec" e it would be <br /> discussed at a future meeting. <br /> Respectfu.111 subm't e <br /> W. R. Ballard, Secretary <br />