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MINUTES <br /> PLAN CC4MISSION <br /> JANUARY 27, 1965 <br /> Meeting held: Conference Room 4:00 P. M. <br /> Members Present: Jack Pahl, Les Knudson, Dick McGrenera, Gayle Bantner, <br /> Steve Schwellenbach <br /> The preliminary submittal of the Objectives and Policies prepared by : <br /> Tec-Search was discussed in detail. It was the opinion of those present <br /> that the proposed draft required revision to conform the objectives to <br /> the specific requirements and aims of Elk Grove Village. The Secretary <br /> was directed to advise Tec-Search that certain revisions and deletions <br /> were desired. <br /> Consideration of the proposed Rules of Practice and Procedure for the <br /> Plan Commission was postponed until the next scheduled meeting. <br /> The meeting was adjourned at 6: 50 P. M. <br />