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MINUTES OF PLAN <br /> COP2II,SSION MEETING <br /> HELD December 23, 1964 <br /> Meeting Held: Conference Room - 4:00 P.M. <br /> Members Present: Jack Pahl, Les Knudson, Dick McGrenera, Steve <br /> Schwellenbach, Gayle Bantner and George Majoros. <br /> The Chairman of the Plan Ccmmission passed out copies of the Elk Grove <br /> Village Sub-Division Control Ordinance, the Zoning Ordinance and the <br /> Performance Standard as prepared by Tec-Search. The`Chairman also <br /> indicated that copies of the Sub-Division Control Check-list would be <br /> made available to all members of the Plan Commission as this check- <br /> list and the Sub-Division Control Ordinance could be used in each <br /> member preparing a memorandum of Section 12 Preliminary Plat of Sub- <br /> Division. <br /> It is also pointed out that the dictating equipment was made available <br /> for all members of the Plan Commission and other Boards and Commissions <br /> and that generally, such equipment is located in the office of the <br /> Village President. <br /> The file.-drawers which were assigned to the Plan Commission were point- <br /> ed out to members of the Commission and also that we could take over <br /> the files of the now defunct Village Zoning Commission. <br /> All maps, books, pamphlets and memorandums will be under the jurisdiction <br /> of the Village Manager and any member of the Plan Ccmmission may check <br /> out such material through the Village Manager. <br /> It was suggested by the Chairman that we hold one meeting per month with <br /> the Plan Consultant, one meeting a month for the conduct of the routine <br /> business of the Commission and tentatively plan on one public hearing <br /> per month. It was also suggested by the Chairman that we rotate atten- <br /> dance at a Cook County Zoning Meeting hearings and also Civic Gr6ups <br /> and also attendance at the Village Board meetings. <br /> On motion by Les Knudson, with a second by. Stephen Schwellenbach, annex- <br /> ation of about 15 acres of the Southwest corner of Arlington Heights <br /> Road and Cosmen Road was approved and that the subject property be <br /> brought into the Village at the terms of the Sub-Division Control Ordin- <br /> ance and that such property thereunder is zoned R-1. <br /> On the motion of Stephen Schwellenbach, and second by Gayle Bantner, it <br /> was moved seconded and passed that the dedication of Arthur Street in <br /> the Centex Industrial Park between Section #16 & #17, be approved as <br /> submitted and that the Chairman of the Plan Commission be directed to <br /> return the preliminary plat of survey to Mr. Evan Stebbins, Real Estate <br /> Manager of Centex Construction Co., Elk Grove Village. <br /> Late in the meeting, George Mullen, Trustee, stopped in and advised that <br /> the Village Board was pretty much in atreement in putting a bridge over <br /> Clearmont extended and that--if-such aneventuality took place that Clear- <br /> mont should be extended into Section #12 and then consideration also <br />