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V Xrout_&. f renis 9- uns 18. .1%,,_ <br /> 6.3 7L,63 <br /> The meeting was called to order at 4:30 P.M. The- followI ng were in <br /> attendance: Chairman Ted Brown, and members CarlsonKnudson, Mikkelsen <br /> and Snell. <br /> Chairman Brown indicated the need for a Vice-Chairman and Secretary. <br /> It was moved by Snell and seconded by Carlson that Harry Mikkelsen be made <br /> Secretary. There being no further discussion, the Troll was called. <br /> Those in favor, ; Brown, Carlson, Knudson and Snell. Thos'M., opposed, <br /> None. It was moved by Mikkelsen and seconded by Snell that Lee Knudson <br /> be Vice-Chairman. In favor: Brown, Carlson, Mikkelsen and Snell, opposed, <br /> None. <br /> It was suggested that the 4th. Tuesday of each month would be the reg- <br /> ular meeting night and other meetings held as required. For: Brown, <br /> Carlson, Knudson, Mikkelsen and Snell. Against: None. <br /> Ted . Brovn gave reports on the following: <br /> 1. Status 'of 75 acres in Du Page County. <br /> Final action is pending awaiting report of the, Metropolition <br /> Sanitary District. <br /> 2. Requested payment by Pillage Board to Mr. Ruler of $600.00 for service <br /> rendered to date. This request was submitted on June 6.. <br /> 3. On May 20th, attended a meeting concerning the establishment of <br /> Principals, Goals and Objectives of Elk Grove Village. Committee <br /> was formed and is to report back within 90 days of May 20, 1963. <br /> 4. Attended Hearing at O'Hare Field on June 49 relative to proposed zoning <br /> ordinance regulating lands use of surrounding area in relation- <br /> shipnwith Aviation Traffic. <br /> 5.- Opposed the Rezoning of the S.W. corner of Stat* and Devon. <br /> 6, Met with the County Highway Dept. and was advised they have refected <br /> our request to extend widening of State Rd. to Oakton. Wes further <br /> advised that State Rd. is to be closed for• 150 days during <br /> widening. <br /> This corauleted kr. Brrawne report. <br /> The board then considered the request of Centex for final approval <br /> Plat #20 of the Industrial Park (King Korn -, N.W. 83 and Devon) . It <br /> '.­."mans moved by Brown ,and seconded by Carlson that approval subject to <br /> restrictions of streets and sub-division control ordinance such restrictions <br /> to be submitted together with approval. In favor: Brown, Carlson, Knudson, <br /> Mikkelsen, Snell. Opposedi bone <br /> Mr. Brown announced the followings Cook County Zoning Hearings on <br /> 6/28 at 4:30 P.M: in Mt. Prospect. Dockets #5$7 - 588 - 599. All dockets <br /> appear to be related and are located in general area of S/E corner of <br /> Algonquin and Elmhurst.. #587 requests 1.4 acre, resoning from 8-2 to B-4 <br /> for a Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. R,588 requests R-4 to B-3 , general <br /> business. # 599 requests 15.96 acres S/S of Algonquin, 250 feet east of <br /> Elmhurst for R-4 to R-5. Multi-family dwellings. <br /> These hearings will be attended by members Carlson and Snell. <br /> There being no further business, it wen moved by Snell, seconded by <br /> Carlson that the meeting be adjourned. For Brown, Carlson Knudson, <br /> Mikkelsen, .Snell. Against: Done. Meeting adjourndd at Rao P.M. <br /> Respectfull . Submitted <br /> Atrr9 R. ikket,�ion ; Vie,•+ <br />