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PLAN COMMISSION <br /> Meeting Held: Conference Room - Village Hall 8:30 P.M. <br /> Present: George Mullen, Eugene Keith, Frank Dillon, Village Adminis- <br /> trator, George L. Maj oras and Chairman of the Park and Rec- <br /> reation Board, Ronald Chernick and Jack Pahl. <br /> The Trustees and the Chairman of the Park and Recreation Board were <br /> invited to the Plan Commission meeting to consider the rezoning of <br /> the Northwest corner of Devon and Arlington Heights Road. This <br /> area to be commonly known an Neighborhood #7. It was the recommen- <br /> dation of all present that the rezoning request of Vail Development <br /> Co. be honored. <br /> The preliminary Plat of the Neighborhood #7 was presented and one <br /> of the questions raised by the Chairman of the Park and Recreation <br /> Board was whether it might not be advisable to switch the park <br /> and school site. <br /> Relative to the rezoning of the northeast corner of Devon and Arling- <br /> ton Heights Road from the "B" classification to a portion of it <br /> going to R-3 it was agreed that this was good zoning and it represent- <br /> ed the highest and best use of the land. It was also discussed at <br /> sane length that there was no park for this area and that it might <br /> be advisable to rezone the entire "B" area into R-3 and trade some <br /> of the residential area for a park site. <br /> In this same area it is recommended by Trustee George Mullen that <br /> Lot #3507 in Section 12 be dedicated to vie for a possible bridge <br /> over Salt Creek at sane future date. It is also suggested that some <br /> arrangements be made for fencing along Salt Creek. It is the think- <br /> ing of the members present that it would probably be the best in- <br /> terest of the Village to have this fencing completed at such times <br /> when this land is dedicated to the Village. The Village Administrator, <br /> George L. Majoros pointed out that there was, no canmmon way to desig- <br /> nate set-backs. He indicated that he is advising all people talk- <br /> ing to him that on arterious streets, the dedication would be approv- <br /> ed only if there is a 45 foot set-back frau the center line. <br /> The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. <br /> These minutes were dictated by Jack Pahl <br /> • <br />