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• MINUTES <br /> PLAN COMMISSION <br /> AUGUST 24, 1964 <br /> MEETING HELD: Conference Room - Village Hall 7:30 P.M. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Jack Pahl and Les Knudson <br /> Chairman appointed Les Knudson as acting secretary. <br /> The following plats were approved: <br /> 1. The Preliminary Plat Unit #17, Centex Industrial Park. <br /> 2. The Final Plat of Unit #22, Centex Industrial Park. <br /> 3. The Preliminary Plat Unit #5, Higgins Commercial. <br /> The Commission spent some time going over the proposed check <br /> list and discussed with President Gibson the advisability of pro- <br /> ceeding with such a document. He blessed the idea. <br /> It was decided to ask the Village Board to attend the next Plan <br /> Commission meeting which will be held September 1, 1964 at 7:30 <br /> • P.M. and will have as its major item on the agenda, the re- <br /> zoning of approximately four acres on Devon Avenue immediately <br /> adjacent to the Commonwealth Edison right-of- •ray. <br /> Further discussion of the Centex and the Village Board's re- <br /> quest for annexation of their property north of Oakton adjacent <br /> to the Commonwealth Edison right-of-fray was temporarily deferred. <br /> I excused myself during the meeting to make a call to my contact <br /> at Sears and in so doing received the following information. The <br /> name of the person who negotiated the purchase of the Sears pro- <br /> perty at Golf and 53 is a Mr. Donald Viehmann. The person who <br /> has the ultimate decision in the Sears organization -.'.about'-, such <br /> matters as annexation is a Mr. Schoming or possibly Mr. Scoming. <br /> The telephone number of Mr. Viehmann is WEbster 9-5100 Ext. 244. <br /> The meeting adjourned at 9:45 P.M. <br /> These minutes were dictated by Jack Pahl, Chairman. <br /> • <br />