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i <br /> Minutes of the February 23,2010 Elk Grove Village Police Pension Board meeting. <br /> President Ambrose called the meeting to order at 3:32 p.m. Present were Greenberg, Garr,Krzywicki, <br /> and Tromp. Absent was Torres(but was able to hear the meeting via speakerphone). Also present was <br /> Village Attorney Knickerbocker,and Fund members Konetzke,Klingsporn, Kennedy,Walsh, <br /> Kirkpatrick,Zinnel, Mason, Rosko; Danahy,and Winkler." <br /> i <br /> The minutes of the last meeting, October 27,2009 were read. A motion to approve the.minutes was made <br /> by Garr, seconded by Krzywicki. Unanimous. <br /> Due to the largehumber of Fund members present regarding concerns over.recent offers made to the !�! <br /> Police Department for both union and non-union personnel and its impact on the Fund, President I <br /> Ambrose opened the forum for questions.The concems centered upon the Village increase the <br /> salary of those members who choose to retire,while those who remain employed have their salary frozen. <br /> Knickerbocker indicated the Village had revised a contract proposal to the bargaining unit with a"catch <br /> all"clause, such that if the Department of insurance would rule the proposed salary increase to not be <br /> considered salary for retirement purposes,then the contract proposal would be renegotiated. <br /> Knickerbocker inquired if the Board would object to such language in the contract proposal_ Garr, who is <br /> an attorney, indicated that such clauses are acceptable and common practice in contracts. President <br /> Ambrose indicated that the Board would not object to this clause in a contract proposal. There were <br /> further questions and concerns raised to the Board and to Knickerbocker by many of the members <br /> present. Greenberg indicated he had forwarded the latest contract proposal (which did not include the <br /> "catch all"clause)to Board attorney Reimer, and Reimer had sent a letter to the Department of Insurance <br /> requesting a ruling on whether such increases,for both union and non-union members,are considered <br /> salary for pension purposes. President.Ambrose indicated the Board will abide by the decision of the <br /> Department of Insurance. <br /> Tromp presented the Treasurer's Report which included balance sheet dated December,2009 and <br /> disbursement register. Garr made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Krzywicki. <br /> Unanimous. <br /> "Tromp presented the Financial Advisor's report. Since the Advisor, Mary Tomanek, was not present, <br /> President Ambrose indicated the Board will defer decisions on her recommendations until the next Board <br /> meeting. <br /> Old Business <br /> The Board received notice from Tromp that Sturgulewski and Suarez have utilized the IMRF creditable <br /> service conversion, as follows: <br /> Sturgulewski provided the Fund $23,680.99 on October 30,2009 for a total of 30 months creditable <br /> service. <br /> Suarez provided the Fund$35,039.93 on October 30,2009 for a total of 35 months creditable service. <br /> A motion to approve these transfers and the additional creditable service was made by Garr, seconded by <br /> Krzywicki. Unanimous. <br /> New Business <br /> The Board received a bill for the IPPFA annual membership dues for 2010 in the amount of$750.00. A <br /> motion was made by Garr, seconded by Krzywicki,to pay this bill. Unanimous. <br /> i <br />