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Minutes 01 the Pchruary 15, 2011 I IIt Greve Villa,c PuliCC PcnsRill Baud mCeti ng. <br /> President Ambnuc called the Ill eel ing to order at I:")') p.m. Present Nverc Grccnbel Toil es, 'I'Iomp. <br /> Mary Tomanck. and disahIud member C;cIm. Ahscnl was Kixvwicki and Pan m. <br /> The minutes oithc last 13oard ill ccting. October 13, 3010, wcrc read. A motion to approve the minutes <br /> was HILL(IC by 'I'uiiUS. sccondcd by Greenberg. Unanimous. <br /> Tromp presented Ihc 'frcasurcr's Report, which iuchalcd [III 1;InCC sheet(II ICd .III nuary, 201 1, and <br /> (Iishill semcnI rcgisicr. A motion to approve IIIC hcosureI's Report was made by Torres, seconded by <br /> Greenberg. Unanimous. <br /> Old Business <br /> Maly'I oinanck prescntccl an updated reporl on IhC status ol'tho Punct-s mvestntcnts. A motion was made <br /> by Torres,seconded by.Grccuberg, to move y'�00,000.00 Ihom the PImCO l'otal Return fund into the <br /> existing MCDonncll Invesuncnts fund. (Jnanimous. Also, a motion was made by Greenberg, sccondcd <br /> by Torres, to accept Che inle!,ration of Macquarie Allegiance Capital into I)C1avval'c Investments. <br /> una[Iimous. <br /> Anlhrose and Grcc11ber,,contacted Board ;¢tomcv Rcimc regarding sending Celia to a different doctor <br /> Ibr his annual evaluation- Rcimcr indicated his medical records should he obtained before sending ]tiro to <br /> Ll new doctor, and also an informational hearing should be held to Updaic the 13oarti on his current status. <br /> Reinter indicated he would obtain Cclia's nwClical records Runt his current doctors, and once "alhered, he. <br /> would notily the Boar to set a hearing date The transcript of the hearing will then he lonvardcd to the <br /> new doctor. Prior to this Board mccting, Reimer notilScd Grecnherg and Ambrose that all o1-Cclia7s <br /> medical records have been gathcrcCf. OUe to Iwo Board ntcmbers not in attendance al the mectim,. no <br /> hearing date could be set. It is anticipalcd the hearing will occur in Marv, alter the two ahscnt Board <br /> ntcmbers return from bcina out of the State. <br /> The Board will contact Rcimcr to arran,c for the medical cvalUation for �Chtnlle'I't at the same Cloetor as <br /> last vcar. <br /> New Busincss <br /> Prior to the mectin"', C'.cli;i vent the BoarCl a request to sign Lind return to him a Retirement/Pcnsiun <br /> vc]1-1eation Perm as part (11'the application process fur ceiryi11g It concealed Iircarm Under tic Retired <br /> Officer Conccalctl Cerny Iaty passed sevcml vcalS u1,o. Celia altered the I`or11t I'rom :`retired lit other than <br /> easons of mental instability- by removing the words-'other than' so that the 101111 would lit his SltUatlOn. <br /> Celia was told prior to the Board 11lccting that the Beard would likch, not sign an alterccl fom1. Cclia <br /> appeared at ilio mccting to press his case on why the Board should si!,11 his loan; there had been all <br /> amendment to the origin;il taw which he felt now allowed for police ofliccrs disabled for mental <br /> instability to carry It Concealed fircuin. I Ie staled the nlana"cr of the Illinois IZclirod OHICCI Conccalctl <br /> Carry program. M1. Kenton Manning. could ;mSwcr any questions the Beard woU[d have. The Board <br /> decided 'I'orres will contact Manning, and if necessary, the Board will contact attorncv Rcimcr. <br /> A motion was made by Grecnherg, sccondcd byorres, to appoint Villagc Clerk Judy Kceuan as the <br /> Freedom ol'intbrm.rtion OR-icer lilt the Boned. Unanimous. <br /> A motion was made by Greenberg, sccoIIdal by Torres_ to app0inl GrccnIle I and '1'orres to undertake the <br /> State of Illinois rcquilud Open Meetings Act iminim, lit the Board. Unanimous. <br /> (Conti11uc(l) <br />