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2 <br /> L. Garr noted that he was representing the Mr. Terry Bolger and the shopping center. He noted that <br /> there are presently 388 parking spaces on the site, which was constructed in 1966. He noted that there <br /> are two (2)parcels with buildings, the shopping center and former Harris Bank building, and one (1) <br /> parcel without anything constructed on it. <br /> L. Garr noted that the shopping center was currently 48% vacant and that real estate taxes recently <br /> increased by $40,000. <br /> E. Strzelczynska identified herself as the petitioner and owner of an indoor soccer facility in Franklin <br /> Park. She stated that she was looking to construct outdoor fields at the Devon Market location to <br /> accommodate league play during the summer. She noted that only 1/4 to 1/3 of her current customer <br /> base has outdoor space lined up for the summer months. She is attempting to fill the demand. <br /> E. Strzelczynska further noted the current business owners have offered support for this use. <br /> Commissioner Meyers asked for clarification on the restaurant/concession stand and whether it would <br /> be open year round and what its hours of operation would be. E. Strzelczynska stated that it would be a <br /> full restaurant with year round hours of operation with some concession stand type food available. E. <br /> Strzelezynska further stated that she would likely sublease the restaurant. <br /> Commissioner Meyers asked the petitioner if they had seen the inside of the building. E. Strzelczynska <br /> stated that she had and understands the scope of work required to rehabilitate it. <br /> Commissioner Meyers asked if Bolger still owned the property and whether soccer would be seen as <br /> unattractive neighbors for potential tenants. L. Garr explained that Bolger still owns the property and <br /> that the current business tenants were attracted to the proposal. <br /> Commissioner Meyers asked the petitioner if lacrosse would be able to be played on the field. E. <br /> Strzelczynska was not sure if the dimensions of the field were the same as lacrosse, but might consider <br /> allowing lacrosse to use the space. <br /> Commissioner Meyers asked if the landscaping company had any concerns. E. Strzelczynska stated <br /> that they did not express any concerns. <br /> Acting Chairman Geinosky expressed concern over vacancy at the Devon Avenue Market and that <br /> businesses would come and go at a high rate. Acting Chairman Geinosky stated his concern that <br /> turnover is a detriment to the location. E. Strzelczynska stated that Soccer Place was a nice investment <br /> and that the increased traffic caused by Soccer Place would be beneficial. <br /> Acting Chairman Geinosky stated that Soccer Place is not a large commercial store like Walmart and <br /> that people coming to watch the games would not be interested in spending money at the nearby <br /> restaurants or stores. E. Strzelczynska noted that people at the current Soccer Place in Franklin Park <br /> watch games for hours and then discuss them at the field or neighboring establishments. <br /> Commissioner Ayers asked what percentage of players would be adults. E. Strzelczynska responded <br /> that approximately 60-70% would be adults. Commissioner Ayers noted that since a majority of the <br /> users would be adults, this use would be different than if it was primarily a youth league whom would <br /> not likely congregate at restaurants following their games. <br />