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Elk Grove Village <br /> Plan Commission Minutes <br /> April 6, 2011 <br /> Present: P. Ayers <br /> D. Paliganoff <br /> T. Thompson <br /> J. Meyers <br /> J. Glass <br /> C. Henrici <br /> F. Geinosky <br /> E. Hauser <br /> Staff: M. Roan, Deputy Village Manager <br /> J. Carey, Assistant to the Village Manager <br /> K. Jay, Staff Engineer <br /> S. Trudan, Deputy Director of Community Development <br /> Petitioner: E. Strzelczynska, The Soccer Place <br /> J.Teufel, Representative Devon Avenue Market <br /> Chairman Glass called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. <br /> Item 1: March 16, 2011 Meeting Minutes <br /> Commissioner Ayers noted a typographic correction. Commissioner Ayers further noted the need to <br /> add language clarifying statements made regarding the differences between youth and adult games. <br /> With the corrections being noted, Commissioner Henrici moved to approve the minutes. <br /> Commissioner Meyers seconded the motion. Upon voting (Hauser, Meyers, Henrici, Geinosky, <br /> Paliganoff, Ayers, AYES, Glass, Thompson, ABSTAIN) the motion carried. <br /> Item 2: Soccer Place—Proposal for Outdoor Soccer Fields at Devon Avenue <br /> Chairman Glass read the legal notice into the record and acknowledged that the Public Hearing notices <br /> were mailed to neighbors and properly published in the Daily Herald. Chairman Glass noted that the <br /> property was also properly signed. <br /> Secretary Geinosky swore in the petitioners. <br /> Eva Strzelczynska identified herself as the owner of The Soccer Place. <br /> E. Strzelczynska of The Soccer Place, stated that they are seeking permission to construct two soccer <br /> fields—one (1) practice field (1/3 regulation size) and one(1) full size field. Due to requests by players <br /> for an outdoor facility, E. Strzelczynska sought a location that would meet their needs. The Devon <br /> Market location was stated to be an ideal location due to its size and existing parking facility. <br />