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Minutes of the November 15, 2011 Elk Grove Village Police Pension Board special meeting: <br /> President Ambrose called the meeting to order at 3:45 p.m. Present were Greenberg, Parrin, and <br /> Krzywicki. Absent was Torres. <br /> The Board reviewed and discussed the medical report of the examination and evaluation conducted on <br /> disabled member Celia by Dr. Obolsky. Dr. Obolsky indicates Celia remains disabled. <br /> The Board discussed the procedure for the tax levy request to be made by the Board to the Village, and <br /> reviewed the Actuary Report the Board very recently received. A motion was made by Krzywicki, <br /> seconded by Parrin,to authorize Ambrose to write a letter to the Village Board requesting a levy of <br /> $2,439,643.00. Unanimous. <br /> The Board discussed diversification of the Fund's assets by establishing a second custodian for some of <br /> the assets. It was decided to take no action on this until further discussion with the Board's financial <br /> advisor, Mary Tomanek. <br /> The Board discussed the Municipal Compliance Report, a form required to be submitted to the <br /> Department of Insurance by Public Act 95-950 (October 2008). Ambrose indicated he would prepare a <br /> form that can be used for this required reporting. <br /> A motion to adjourn was made by Krzywicki, seconded by Parrin. Unanimous. <br /> Myles Greenberg, <br /> ) A <br /> Secretary <br />