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2 <br /> N. Samelson, the attorney representing Nostalgia Lane Motorsports, Ltd led the questioning of the <br /> petitioner, John Oehler, owner of Nostalgia Lane Motorsports, Ltd. and the 837-B Oakton Street <br /> property,., , S "ki <br /> N. Samelson asked the petitioner to describe the current operations of Nostalgia Lane Motorsports. <br /> J. Oehler explained that Nostalgia Lane currently operates in Machesney Park, Illinois. Nostalgia Lane <br /> has had a dealer license at this location since 2008. The business involves restoration of rare <br /> documented cars to their original condition, including the original paint, nuts, and bolts. The proposed <br /> property would be used solely as an automobile showroom for internet based sales. No repair or <br /> maintenance of any kind would take place at the proposed location. J. Oehler explained that the value <br /> of original cars is high and the internet is a powerful tool to reach out to car collectors across the <br /> nation. <br /> N. Samelson asked the petitioner what the hours of operation would be. J. Oehler explained that the <br /> proposed hours of operation would be by appointment only between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 <br /> p.m. Monday through Friday. <br /> Commissioner Schumm asked the petitioner if seven cars would have enough room within the facility. <br /> J. Oehler responded that there would be enough room. The cars are dropped off at the facility and <br /> driven inside. J. Oehler included seven cars in the petition as a maximum number for the property, but <br /> does not anticipate that many being there on a regular basis. <br /> N. Samelson asked the petitioner where the restoration work would be completed. J. Oehler explained <br /> that the car restoration work is completed in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After the restoration work is <br /> completed, the cars would be transported to Elk Grove Village via trailer. <br /> Commissioner Schumm asked if adequate parking was available. J. Oehler noted that the existing <br /> parking lot holds 58 cars and that the businesses currently at the location only use half of the available <br /> spaces. <br /> Chairman Glass recommended that each petitioner speak before the Plan Commission prior to any <br /> other additional questions. <br /> N. Samelson introduced W. Battles as expert witness to testify on issues related to zoning and land use. <br /> W. Battles curriculum vitae was handed out to the Plan Commission and it was the consent of the Plan <br /> Commission to accept W. Battles as an expert witness. <br /> N. Samelson asked W. Battles if the proposed use would have any deleterious effects on the <br /> surrounding property or adversely impact traffic volume on Oakton Street. W. Battles testified that the <br /> proposed use would have no deleterious effects on the surrounding properties. He went on to explain <br /> several exhibits which showed the interior and exterior layout of the property. The property is 2,389 <br /> square feet with interior dimensions of 30.6 by 78.0 feet. The ceiling height of the 837-B unit is 15 feet <br /> and contains one 14 foot drive-in door. The unit is equipped with an alarm system and a fire <br /> suppression system. W. Battles stated that only two to four cars were expected to be sold at the <br /> location each year and as such, the proposed use would have no deleterious effects on traffic volume <br /> on Oakton Street. <br />