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Agenda for VB Meeting 1-24-12 2 <br /> C) Consideration to award a professional service contract to the lowest responsive and <br /> responsible bidder Powell Tree Care, Inca of Elk Grove Village, IL for the 2012 <br /> Parkway Tree Maintenance Program in the amount not to exceed$98,257. <br /> (On Thursday, January 12, 2012, the Village opened sealed bids for the 2012 <br /> Parkway Tree Maintenance Program contract. A total of six (6) contractors obtained bid <br /> documents,with three(3) submitting bids. <br /> (The lowest responsive and responsible bidder was received from Powell Tree <br /> Care, Inc., of Elk Grove,IL. <br /> (The contract provides for the trimming of approximately 2,500 parkway trees <br /> throughout the Village, as well as tree and stump <br /> (Powell Tree Care, Inc, was awarded the contract.on December 9, 2008 to provide <br /> high-branch tree trimming and pruning services for Village parkway trees. <br /> (Powell Tree Care, Inc. has successfully.completed parkway tree trimming for the <br /> past six (6) years, has provided quality service to the Village, and has completed <br /> projects in Mount Prospect,Niles, and Hanover Park. . <br /> (A report from the Director. of Public Works; recommending approval; is <br /> attached.) <br /> D) Consideration of the following:. <br /> • To increase the Recycling Fund by$161,250,for fiscal yeas 2012; and <br /> • To renew a contract (attached)_with Powell Tree Care, Inc. of Elk Grove, IL for the <br /> proper removal and disposalof diseased Ash Trees infested by the Emerald Ash <br /> Borer in the amount not to exceed $161,250 from the Recycling Fund. <br /> (Powell Tree Care, Inc. is a local.firm capable of removing and.properly disposing <br /> of Ash trees. that are infested with the,Emerald Ash Borer. The Agreement calls for <br /> Powell Tree Care,.Inc. to remove upto 500 parkway trees. The agreement is for a one <br /> (1)year period.of time with two (2)potential renewal options. Pricing is based upon the <br /> size of the tree. <br /> (A report from the Director of Public Works,recommending approval, is attached.) <br /> E) Consideration to adopt Ordinance.No. 3287(attached)amending Section 8-313-2 of the <br /> Elk Grove Village Code by amending Section 901.6 of the International Building Code <br /> regarding Fire Alarm System Installation and Monitoring. <br /> (This Ordinance amends Section 901.6 of the International Building Code to <br /> require all new businesses, new business occupants, businesses which undergo a change <br /> in ownership, businesses which replace any existing fire alarm panel, or any system <br /> requiring replacement of more than 50% of the current fire alarm system to have a direct <br /> connection via a Village approved fire alarm system to the Elk Grove Village <br /> Communications Center located at Northwest Central Dispatch,Arlington Heights, IL.) <br /> F) Consideration to adopt Resolution No. 6-12 (attached) adopting the Official Zoning Map <br /> of the Village of Elk Grove Village as of December 31, 2011. <br /> (This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and <br /> approval according to law.) <br />