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Agenda for VB Meeting 10-23-12 2 <br /> (The agreement provided base pricing for tree removals based on a tree diameter <br /> unit cost. <br /> (Based on the 575 Ash trees needing to be removed during Fall 2012 and Spring <br /> 2013, approximately $210,000 is required for the tree removal services. <br /> (This contract requires an additional $35,000 to be allocated to the Recycling Fund <br /> in order to fund this program through the end of the current fiscal year. <br /> (A report from the Director of Public Works, recommending approval, is attached.) <br /> D) Consideration to award a parkway tree planting contract to St. Aubin Nursery of <br /> Kirkland, IL for the Emerald Ash Borer Program in an amount of $75,000 from the <br /> Recycling Fund. <br /> (On March 13, 2012, the Village Board adopted Ordinance No. 3291 amending <br /> agreements with St. Aubin's Nursery for tree harvesting and planting as a result of the <br /> Emerald Ash Borer infestation. <br /> (The agreement provided for a tree planting cost of$130 per tree until 2016. <br /> (Based on the number of Ash trees needed to be removed during Fall 2012 and <br /> Spring 2013, a total of 575 trees will be replanted through the end of the current fiscal <br /> year at a cost of$75,000. <br /> (Sufficient funds are available in the Recycling Fund. <br /> (A report from the Director of Public Works, recommending approval, is attached.) <br /> E) Consideration to adopt Ordinance No. 3322 (attached) approving a land use plan of <br /> development for an approximate 70 acre parcel of property located west of Lively <br /> Boulevard between Higgins Road on the North and Oakton Street on the South. <br /> (The Land Planning Architectural firm of Gary R. Weber Associates, Inc. <br /> reviewed the potential land and zoning use for this property and recommends a Planned <br /> Unit Development incorporating mixed uses compatible with the surrounding area. <br /> (The Village of Elk Grove is a home rule municipality which under State Statute is <br /> authorized to adopt Ordinances concerning the classification of land uses within its <br /> corporate limits or to contiguous territory not more than one and one-half miles beyond <br /> the corporate limits.) <br /> F) Consideration to adopt Resolution No. 44-12 (attached) determining the appropriateness <br /> for Class 6B status pursuant to the Cook County Real Property Classification Ordinance <br /> as amended February 15, 2006 for certain real estate located at 1475 Louis Avenue. <br /> (Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, on behalf of Konex <br /> Corporation is seeking a Class 6B for property at 1475 Louis Avenue. <br /> (Konex Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of beauty products. <br /> (Due to rapid expansion, applicant plans to purchase the 1475 Louis Avenue <br /> property and move from their current building at 1440 Louis Avenue. <br /> (The subject property contains a 15,000 square foot building that has been vacant <br /> since March 2012. <br /> (Eligibility requirements for Class 6B status are new construction, substantial <br /> renovation or purchase of buildings that have been vacant for a period of time. This site <br /> qualifies based on occupation of an abandoned building less than twenty-four (24) <br /> months with a purchase for value with special circumstances. <br />