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® ELK GROVE VILLAGE COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> Thursday, February 17, 2000 <br /> Conference Room C—Lower Level <br /> Municipal Building <br /> Board Members Present: Board Members Absent: <br /> Nancy Czarnik Mary Hale <br /> Anne Feichter Ruth Guest <br /> Jim Foss Paul Klevinsky <br /> Tony Kees <br /> Alva Kreutzer <br /> Sal Pace <br /> Mary Paliganoff(7:30) Staff: <br /> Des Rafferty Beth Madden <br /> Dick Scholten <br /> Peg Vallillo <br /> Call to Order: <br /> Alva Kreutzer called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. <br /> Action Items: <br /> The minutes were approved with the listing of 7:40 p.m. as the time for last month's <br /> meeting's adjournment. The motion was made by Dick Scholten and seconded by Jim <br /> Foss. <br /> Chairperson's Report: <br /> None, except to say that Alva Kreutzer had lunch with Des Rafferty to brief him on the <br /> Community Service Board. <br /> Coordinator's Report: <br /> Written report in Board packets. Beth Madden stated the office is starting to work on the <br /> Community Paint-a-thon, and asked for suggestions of seniors in need of having their <br /> homes painted. There must be a financial need or extenuating circumstances to qualify to <br /> have their home painted. The area includes the Northwest suburbs, but last year only 1 <br /> recipient was from Elk Grove Village. <br /> Committee Reports: <br /> Elk Grove Community Spirit Award Committee: <br /> No Report <br /> Volunteer Committee: <br /> No Report <br /> ® Summer Activities Committee: given by Nancy Czarnik <br />