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CSB Minutes <br /> Page two <br /> Families can receive $200 from the Salvation Army fund annually. Also, there is money <br /> from the Housing Fund available to residents in need. <br /> Village Voices usually does a choir concert once a year. It more than likely won't <br /> happen this year since it has been scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday, and the choir <br /> participation is minimal. They are looking at rescheduling the event, but there could be <br /> conflicts with finding a time when the High School gym is open. <br /> Des Raftery pointed out that the cancellation of this event would affect the Housing Fund <br /> since it receives a donation every year. Coordinator Blair said that there were other <br /> revenue sources available to make up for it. <br /> There will be a fundraising walk in May to benefit the Kenneth Young Center and <br /> Alexian Brothers Hospital. <br /> May is Health Month and Coordinator Blair is looking for members to help organize this. <br /> The Walk and Blood Drive are some of the scheduled activities. <br /> Oh New Business: <br /> Vice President Tuozzo was open to any suggestions as to what activities the Board could <br /> do to help the Community for 2006 (Make A Difference Day, the selling of Bracelets at <br /> Rotary Fest, analyzing a need in the Village), but he also recognized that our resources <br /> could be devoted to help the Anniversary Committee. Vice President Tuozzo discussed <br /> whether the Board would do the same amount of activities as last year. <br /> Des Raftery suggested finding a social need that's out there as the Board did in 2005 with <br /> a focus on Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Month. Des Raftery brought up <br /> depression as being something that the Board could focus on to help the Community. <br /> The Board agreed that it would be beneficial to have presenters speak to the Board in an <br /> attempt to educate them about the different social services, many of which are scrambling <br /> for money as a result of budget cuts and lack of funding. There are plenty of <br /> opportunities for the Board's involvement in these organizations. Also, Coordinator <br /> Blair suggested looking at getting the Community involved in these programs since a <br /> larger pool of volunteers can be accessed. <br /> Trustee Czarnik suggested focusing on working with other organizations to piggyback <br /> since we are limited with volunteers. Trustee Czarnik brought up the fact that it takes <br /> time to build some of the programs (i.e. the Blood Drive) that are in place today. <br />