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ELK GROVE VILLAGE COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD OF DIRETORS <br /> • MEETING MINUTES <br /> Thursday, May 18, 2006 <br /> Conference Room C—Lower Level, Municipal Building <br /> Board Members Present: Board members Absent: <br /> Nancy Czarnik, Trustee Liaison Georgia Landt <br /> James Morrill, President <br /> Mike Tuozzo, Vice President <br /> Ryan Booklet, Secretary <br /> Teresa Anesinis <br /> Ann Feichter Staff Present <br /> Jim Foss Linda Blair, Coordinator <br /> Mary Paliganoff Desmond Raftry, Police Social Worker <br /> Peg Vallilo Mike Cavallini, Director <br /> Call to Order: <br /> James Morrill, President, called the meeting to order at 6:31 p.m <br /> Action Items: <br /> The minutes from the 2005, meeting were approved after a motion by Mike Tuozzo and a <br /> second by Anne Feichter. <br /> Coordinator's Report: Given by Linda Blair <br /> Marty is still absent, so Linda continues to handle her responsibilities. Coordinator Blair <br /> was given the same information that Mayor Johnson gave us tonight. <br /> Coordinator Blair spoke with the Red Cross, but didn't receive any phone calls. She still <br /> thinks that this is appropriate to proceed with the shelter awareness program that was <br /> discussed at the previous board meeting. <br /> New Business: <br /> Mayor Johnson addressed the board about the future state of the Community Service <br /> Board. According to Mayor Johnson, the Elk Grove Village Board has been reviewing <br /> all village boards. As a result of this process, the Elk Grove Village Board unanimously <br /> agrees to combine the board of health and the community service board. An official vote <br /> will be taken at the June board meeting. The Elk Grove Village Board will also decide <br /> whether to make the combined board 11 or 9 members. Mayor Johnson assured <br /> Aak Community Service members that no Community Service members or Health Board <br />