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members be removed. Through attrition, the number of Health and Community Service <br /> board members will be reduced. <br /> Mayor Johnson also stated that members of any village board will be required to maintain <br /> a 66% attendance percentage in order to continue to serve his or her board. The <br /> guidelines are not official on thecommunity service board since the village board did not <br /> approve them. <br /> Jim Christy will remain the chairman of the committee. Mr. Christy is aware of the <br /> changes, but the rest of the board has not been informed. The new board will become a <br /> committee, not a commission due to legalities. Despite the lack of commission status <br /> given to the combined board, members will continue to receive a vehicle sticker and an <br /> invitation to the village dinner. The mayor reiterated that he appreciates the service of the <br /> board. <br /> Committee Reports <br /> Karen Brauweiler is an employee of the children's advocacy center, which files abuse <br /> reports when children make cases. <br /> A program was started thought a grant for children 0-5 to help those students who have <br /> been abused. This was an underserved part of the population, so Ms. B and her staff were <br /> happy to get involved. They also do presentations to train preschool teachers some of the <br /> warning sings of students that have been exposed to abuse. They also train law <br /> enforcement. <br /> The program started with three employees, but have since added more. However, if there <br /> is an opening in the caseload, they will take anyone in Cook County. Most referrals <br /> come from law enforcement. All services are free to the community. <br /> Ms. Brauweiler also talked about the different types of play therapy that is done for these <br /> students. Vice President Tuozzo asked what the board could do to help Agency <br /> Presentation. Ms. Brauweiler said that the board should be aware of the program-- <br /> Educating ourselves and knowing about the different programs. <br /> Old Business: <br /> President Morrill spoke to the board about the Chicago Area Storm Ready Guidelines <br /> that he researched. Elk Grove meets the guidelines, but the program will help educate the <br /> community, fire, and police departments. Again, President Morrill would like to come up <br /> with a public awareness program to educate the residents about being storm ready. He <br /> thought that segments on Channel 6 would be helpful. Contact President Morrill for <br /> more information. <br />