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CSB MINUTES <br /> Pagetwo <br /> Money from the merchants will be divided into three ways: <br /> 1. Cessation. <br /> 2. Educational Programs. <br /> 3. Promotion: Promoting the Village as a smoke free Community. <br /> As of January 1, 2007 smoking will not be permitted in any Elk Grove Village business. <br /> President Morrill asked how this would be enforced,to which Michael Cavallini said it <br /> would be by complaint. <br /> Michael Cavallini will provide the Board with information on the new Elk Grove Village <br /> Smoking Ordinance along with the minutes from yesterdays Committee for a Smoke Free <br /> Elk Grove Board meeting. <br /> New Business: <br /> Mr. Jim Christie was introduced as the Chairman of the new combined Board. <br /> He has been Chairman of the Board for the ten of his twelve years of his service. He was <br /> the Chief Information Officer from Alexian Brothers until retiring in 2005. <br /> The Board of Health meets on a monthly basis. At these meetings Michael Cavallini <br /> gives a report and reports are given on restaurants, pools and day care centers. A report <br /> is also received from the Village Nurse. Some activities that the Health Department <br /> organizes are getting the flu shot clinics established and blood drives. Every so often a <br /> controversial issue comes up such as the Anti-Smoking Ordinance. The last time a <br /> meeting like that came up was four to five years ago when looking at an Ordinance <br /> related to the number of pets that residents could have. The Board of Health was created <br /> in 1960. <br /> The Board of Health meets on the third Wednesday of the month, which is what was <br /> agreed on for the new Board. The Board of Health and Community Service meeting will <br /> start the third Wednesday this August. <br /> Committee Report: <br /> Old Business: <br /> The severe Weather/Emergency Red Cross training issues that the Community Service <br /> Board has been exploring will continue under the combined Board. <br /> Announcements: <br /> On June267at 1:00 p.m. will be the next Committee for a Smoke Free Elk Grove Board <br /> meeting. <br />