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MINUTES <br /> Health & Community Services Board <br /> Village of Elk Grove Village I <br /> August 16, 2006 <br /> Board Members Present <br /> Jim Christie, Chairman Merrill Froney <br /> Teresa Anesmis Dr. John Kelly <br /> Lois Colaprete Georgia Landt <br /> Nancy Czarnik, Trustee Liaison Jim Morrill <br /> Ray De!Palma Mary Paliganoff <br /> Terri Dill Dick Scholten <br /> Anne Feichter Mike Touzzo <br /> Jim Foss Peg Vallillo <br /> Board Members Absent <br /> William Beaupre <br /> Ryan Bookler <br /> Dr. Harold Labinsky <br /> Sal Pace <br /> Des Raftery <br /> Staff Present <br /> Michael J. Cavallini, Director of Health & Community Services <br /> Linda Blair, Community Services Coordinator <br /> Chairman Jim Christie called the meeting to order at 7:04PM. Mr. Christie asked that all Board <br /> members introduce themselves, and to relate how long they have served on their respective <br /> Boards. Chairman Christie went on to explain how the agenda was to be presented this evening <br /> and how over time it would evolve as the newly created Board became established. <br /> Approval of the Minutes of the Board of Health <br /> Motion by Dick Scholten to approve the minutes of June 21, 2006 Board of Health meeting, <br /> second by Merrill Froney. The minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Approval of the Minutes of the Community Service Board <br /> Motion by Peg Vallillo to approve the minutes of the June 15, 2006 Community Service Board <br /> meeting, second by Jim Foss. The minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Ordinance Creating the Health & Community Services Board <br /> Village Ordinance# 3091 established the new Health & Community Services Board. Chairman <br /> Christie directed the Board to review Ordinance# 3091 which formalized the merging of the <br /> Board of Health and Community Service Board. The ordinance provides for a Board not a <br /> committee or commission. All current members of both Boards will remain on the new Board. <br /> Through resignation, retirement, or release of duties, the board will ultimately be comprised of <br /> ® eleven (11) members. <br /> Board members Mary Paliganoff and Mike Tuozzo raised questions regarding Section 2-2-3 (2), <br /> enforcement powers. Chairman Christie offered clarification of the wording using the restaurant <br /> inspection program as an example. Although Board members do not have the power to enforce <br />