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e <br /> Minutes of the Health and Community Service Board <br /> August 16, 2006 <br /> Chainnan Jim Christie called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Mr. Christie asked that all <br /> Board members introduce themselves and explain how long they had served on their <br /> respective boards. Chairman Christie went on to explain the agenda and how it was to be <br /> handled this evening and how it would evolve as the newly created Board became <br /> established. <br /> Approval of the Minutes of the Board of Health: <br /> Motion by Dick Scholten to approve the minutes as presented, second by Merrill Froney. <br /> Unanimous approval by the group <br /> Approval of the Minutes of the Community Service Board: <br /> Motion by Peg Vallillo to approve the minutes as presented, second by Jim Morrill. <br /> Unanimous approval by the group. <br /> • <br /> Village Ordinance No. 3091 <br /> Chainnan Christie directed the Board to review Ordinance No. 3091 that formalizes the <br /> combination of the Board of Health and the Community Service Board. The group will <br /> remain a Board, not a Committee, with final membership numbering 11. All current <br /> members will remain and through attrition and retirement the Board will number 11. <br /> Mary Paliganoff and Mike Tuozzo asked questions regarding wording of the ordinance. <br /> Chairman Christie offered clarification using restaurant inspections as an example. There <br /> was no further discussion. <br /> Anti Smoking Campaign; <br /> Chainnan Christie provided background information to the group regarding the Ad Hoc <br /> Committee that worked diligently through the summer to develop the campaign that is <br /> being presented this evening. This group worked within the guidelines outlined by the <br /> Mayor with concentration on Cessation, Prevention, and Promotion of Elk Grove as a <br /> Smoke Free Community. The final draft of proposed programming was presented to <br /> Board. Discussion followed. <br /> Lois Colaprete presented a preliminary proposal by Kenneth Young, hrTouch staff to <br /> coordinate some of the youth programming as part of their regular workweek. It may be <br /> • <br />