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MINUTES <br /> • Health & Community Services Board <br /> Village of Elk Grove Village <br /> September 20, 2006 <br /> Board Members Present <br /> Jim Christie, Chairman Merrill Froney <br /> Nancy Czarnik, Trustee Liaison Dr. John Kelly <br /> Teresa Anesinis Dr. Harold Labinsky <br /> Ryan Bookler Georgia Landt <br /> Lois Colaprete Mary Paliganoff <br /> Ray De Patina Mike Touzzo <br /> Anne Feichter <br /> Board Members Absent <br /> William Beaupre Sal Pace <br /> Terri Dill Des Raftery <br /> Jim Foss Dick Scholten <br /> Jim Morrill Peg Vallillo <br /> Staff Present <br /> Michael J. Cavallini, Director of Health & Community Services <br /> Linda Blair, Community Services Coordinator <br /> • Call To Order <br /> Chairman Jim Christie called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. <br /> Action Items: Approval of the Minutes <br /> There was a motion by Merrill Froney to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2006 meeting, <br /> second by Trustee Nancy Czarnik. The minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Director's Report <br /> Anti-Smoking Campaign <br /> The Director informed the Board that the recommendation of the Health & Community Service <br /> Board (HCSB) for the 2006 Start-Up Prograin for a Smoke Free Elk Grove was submitted to <br /> the Village Manager. The HCSB will await action by the Mayor and Village Board to review the <br /> recommendations, and make their decision on implementation of the program. <br /> Lois Colaprete stated that the Kenneth Young Centers would like to partner with the Village to <br /> promote a smoke free Elk Grove. They would target youth eighteen years of age and younger <br /> (high school students) through their In Touch program. In Touch is a substance abuse <br /> prevention program. The program is funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services. <br /> The Director also stated that neighboring municipalities (Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, <br /> Arlington Heights) are planning to implement or are reviewing community-wide smoking <br /> bans. No Village has done what Elk Grove Village has by raising the licensing fees for tobacco <br /> dealers, and using those monies to promote the Village as a smoke free community, help prevent <br />