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v�GROVE VQt9G <br /> efx�F>TIONALc&�,c, <br /> AGENDA <br /> REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING <br /> February 9, 2016 <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> INVOCATION.(PASTOR CERNA CASTRO RAND, PRINCE OF PEACE UNITED METHODIST <br /> CHURCH) <br /> 3.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 9,2016 <br /> 4.MAYOR&BOARD OF TRUSTEES' REPORT <br /> 5.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: JANUARY 31, 2016 $1,394,573.66 <br /> FEBRUARY 9, 2016 $ 951,750.21 <br /> 6. CONSENT AGENDA <br /> a. Consideration of a request from the Saint Julian Eymard Church, 601 Biesterfield Road, <br /> to waive building permit fees in the amount of$415 for the roof replacement project. <br /> (It has been past practice of the Village Board to grant fee waivers for governmental and <br /> non-profit organizations. <br /> (The Director of Community Development recommends approval.) <br /> b. Consideration to award a professional services contract to Civiltech Engineering of Itasca, <br /> IL for design engineering and permitting of the intersection improvement at Arlington <br /> Heights Road & Elk Grove Boulevard in the amount of$14,364. <br /> (A proposal was solicited from Civiltech Engineering of Itasca, IL for design engineering <br /> and permitting services to develop plans, specifications and permit applications for work <br /> at the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Elk Grove Boulevard. <br /> (The project will consist of upgrading the existing sidewalk ramps to be ADA compliant, <br /> upgrading the existing pedestrian signals to countdown timers and the installation of LED <br /> internally illuminated street name signs. <br /> (Adequate funds are available. <br /> (The Director of Public Works recommends approval.) <br /> c. Consideration of a request to renew a landscape services contract to Fleck's Landscaping <br /> of Wheeling, IL for the 2016 Turf and Landscape Bed Maintenance- Business Park <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br />