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Elk Grove Village Police Pension Board <br />April 8th, 2014 Meeting Minutes <br />901 Wellington Ave, Elk Grove Village IL <br /> <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 3:36 PM by President Ambrose. Present were Trustee Ambrose, <br />Trustee Torres, Trustee Moody, Sandy Smalley from the Elk Grove Village Finance Department, Doug <br />Oest from Marquette Associates, and Luke Meagher from Marquette Associates. Deputy Chief Walsh and <br />Deputy Chief Nowacki were in the audience. Absent were Trustee Greenberg and Trustee Parrin. A <br />quorum was present. <br /> <br /> The minutes of the last meeting, January 14th,2014, were read. A motion to approve the minutes of the <br />last meeting was made by Trustee Moody, Second by Trustee Torres. Aye to approve: Moody, Torres, <br />and Ambrose. Motion carried. <br /> <br />The financial advisors from Marquette Associates provided the financial report. The Board’s investments <br />and performance were discussed. The executive summary or “cheat sheet” detailing changes made to <br />date by the previous request of Trustee Parrin was located on page 2 of the handout materials. A side <br />letter for Capis was presented by Marquette Associates. <br /> <br />The next meeting date was scheduled for July 15th, 2014 at 3:30PM <br /> <br />The treasurer’s report was presented by Sandy Smalley. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was <br />made by Trustee Moody, second by Torres. Aye to approve: Moody, Torres, and Ambrose. Motion <br />carried. <br /> <br />An update was presented regarding the disability application of Ofc. Sabo. The board will be using <br />INSPE Associates, Ltd. of Chicago, IL to select doctors for Ofc. Sabo’s evaluation. <br /> <br />There was no further updated information on the status of Ret. Commander Briggs with the Illinois <br />Department of Insurance or IRS. <br /> <br />Inv. Berens has made his contribution to the pension fund following his unpaid time off of 20 working <br />days from the department. Sandy Smalley reported the Finance Department withheld $662.05 from his <br />check on 1/24/2014. <br /> <br />Police Pension Board elections are scheduled Monday April 21st, 2014, pursuant to the pension code. <br />Nominating forms were mailed to retirees and beneficiaries with a cutoff of April 1, 2014 for <br />nominations. Only Trustee Moody expressed interest in the position of trustee representing the retirees <br />and beneficiaries, and is scheduled to be re-appointed. Nominations for active members will close on <br />April 16th at 3:00 PM. <br /> <br />The Board has been in contact with the Illinois Secretary of State to file an Application for Authority to <br />Dispose of Local Records. The ILSOS advised they did not have this paperwork filed with their <br />department. The Board will be working to file the required paperwork. <br /> <br />The Board has received a resignation letter from Ofc. G. Jones, effective April 6, 2014. He will be <br />leaving to work for the East Moline Police Department. <br /> <br />A bill from Reimer & Karlson dated 1/20/2014 in the amount of $293.54 was received for legal services <br />rendered. <br /> <br />A bill from Reimer & Karlson dated 3/6/2014 in the amount of $363.16 was received for legal services <br />rendered.