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RESOLUTION NO. 16-20 <br />A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE FIRE CHIEF TO <br />EXECUTE A LETTER OF COMMITMENT WITH THE NORTHWEST COMMUNITY <br />EMS SYSTEM CONFIRMING THE ELK GROVE VILLAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT AS A <br />PARTICIPATING EMS TRANSPORT VEHICLE PROVIDER IN THE NORTHWEST <br />COMMUNITY EMS SYSTEM (NWCEMSS) <br />WHEREAS, in compliance with the Illinois Department of Public Health Rules and <br />Regulations and the EMS Act — PA 81-1518, this document is provided to reaffirm the commitment <br />of the Village of Elk Grove and its Fire Department to continue participation in the Northwest <br />Community Hospital Emergency Medical Services System (NWCEMSS); and <br />WHEREAS, the Elk Grove Village Fire Department provides a municipally funded and <br />operated Advanced Life Support ambulance service. This service is provided 24 hours of every day <br />and assures that at least two (2) paramedics function at the scene of all Advanced Life Support calls. <br />This service also provides this staffing en route to the hospital; and <br />WHEREAS, provision of this service is done on a per need basis without regard to the <br />patient's ability to pay. Access to the service is gained primarily by telephone through the 9-1-1 <br />system as the number to call for emergency medical service; and <br />WHEREAS, the Elk Grove Village Fire Department is committed to and provides response <br />times within the required 4-6 minute optimum. Dispatching of these units is provided through <br />Northwest Central Dispatch (NWCDS). Methods of dispatch, area coverage and mutual aid backup <br />systems are provided for in standard operating procedures and appropriate signed agreements with <br />mutual aid agencies; and <br />WHEREAS, all ambulances operated by the Elk Grove Village Fire Department comply with <br />State of Illinois standards for EMS vehicle service providers. The equipment, supplies, drugs and <br />biologics required by the hospital EMS system Standard Drug and Supply list is maintained in each <br />of three (3) front line ambulances as well as backup units; and <br />WHEARAS, these vehicles meet design and equipment standards as referenced in the Illinois <br />Emergency Medical Services Act. The requirements for rescue and extrication capabilities are met <br />by simultaneous response of other Fire Department vehicles. These vehicles carry a full <br />complement of rescue and extrication equipment and trained personnel; and <br />WHEREAS, communications equipment has two-way ambulance to hospital capability and <br />operators receive instruction and continuing education in the operation and utilization of all radio <br />