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VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br />SPECIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER NO.2020-02 <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village has suffered from the affects of the Coronavirus which has <br />required multiple changes in how the Village functions in the best interests of its residents; and <br />WHEREAS, State Statute and Village Ordinance permit, under certain circumstances, such as a national <br />disaster, that the Mayor, as chief executive officer of the Village, may take such action which authorizes the <br />furnishing of aid or assistance to the Village as deemed necessary and appropriate; and <br />WHEREAS, recently, the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, in response to the perils of the <br />Coronavirus, have established a policy wherein the forest preserves, including Busse Woods, remain open but <br />have closed all of the parking lot facilities serving the preserves; and <br />WHEREAS, the parking facility closure has created a need for individuals who desire to enter the forest <br />preserves, including Busse Woods, to find alternate parking locations including residential streets, church parking <br />lots, shopping centers open to the customers of the businesses located therein and other areas not normally suited <br />for a dramatic increase in needed parking; and <br />WHEREAS, Elk Grove Village is contiguous to Busse Woods on multiple sides and as a result, the <br />Village has experienced an inordinate increase in the number of vehicles parking in locations herein listed; and <br />WHEREAS, the Village has determined that a necessary police power of the Village be enacted to place <br />parking restrictions on residential streets to protect those residing there, especially children, from the recognizable <br />danger of increased street parking; and <br />WHEREAS, the danger is even greater in shopping centers adjacent to Busse Woods where individuals, <br />including entire families, are crossing busy, high-speed highways in the middle of the block to gain access to the <br />forest preserve. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, for fear of tragedies which may result and in the need to protect the health, <br />safety and welfare of the residents of Elk Grove Village, I, Mayor Craig B. Johnson, as chief executive officer <br />of the Village, hereby orders as follows: <br />1. That temporary resident only parking signs be placed on streets in the vicinity of Busse Woods which <br />the Chief of Police believe are necessary as a result of the closing of the Busse Woods parking areas, <br />which signs shall essentially read as follows: <br />RESIDENT ONLY PERMIT PARKING <br />FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY <br />VIOLATERS SUBJECT TO TOW <br />MINIMUM TOWING $125.00 <br />2. Placement of temporary fencing, placement of driveway barriers and any other restrictions on pedestrian <br />traffic which in the determination of the Chief of P are necessary to protect the health, safety and <br />welfare of all visitors to Busse Woods. <br />3. That Section 6-3-6-1:E Temporary Parki is superseded part by this Special Executive Order in that <br />any vehicle removed and towed, and ich is taken to anq stored in a designated location, shall be <br />returned to the owner or operator u n the payment of a'� applicable towage and storage fees being <br />$125.00 for the towing service an $40.00 per day for the storage beginning on the following day after <br />the tow. r . <br />f <br />Ordered this 7" d of May, 2020. <br />Mayor Craig B. J hnson <br />Village of Elk Vrove Village, Illinois <br />