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ORDINANCE NO. 1279 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION <br />24A.101B OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE <br />THEREBY INCREASING THE SETTLE- <br />MENT AMOUNT FOR CERTAIN PARKING <br />VIOLATIONS FROM $3.00 TO $5.00 <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DUPage, Illinois, <br />as follows: <br />Section 1: That Section 24A.101B of the Municipal Code as it <br />pertains to settlement amounts for violations of Sections 14.505 <br />and 14.511 of the Municipal Code be and the same is hereby amended <br />by increasing said settlement amount from $3.00 S5.O6. <br />Section 2: That this Ordinance shall be in full force and <br />effect from and after its passage, approval and publication accord- <br />ing to law. <br />VOTES: AYES: 6 <br />NAYS: 0 <br />ABSENT:0 <br />APPROVED: <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />VILLAGE PRESIDENT <br />ATTEST: <br />Ilafern R. Snick <br />ACTING DEPUTY VILLAGE CLERK <br />PASSED this 13th day of Februa <br />, 1979. <br />APPROVED this 13th day of February , 1979. <br />PUBLISHED this 21st day of February , 1979, <br />in The Elk Grove Herald <br />