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ORDINANCE N0. 180 <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATING AND LICENSIN➢ SERVICE STATIONS SUPPLEMENTING THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE OF 1961 <br />NCW9 THEREFORE' BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois: <br />Section 1. That Chapter 22 of the Municipal Code of Elk Grove Village of 1961 <br />be amended and supplemented by adding the following article and sections which <br />shall read as follows: <br />ARTICLE XIII SERVICE STATIONS <br />Section 22.1301 DEFINITIONS. When used in this article unless the context <br />otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply: <br />(a) "Person' means any natural individual, fi.m.. trust, estate.. partnerships <br />association, joint stock company, joint adventure, corporation, public <br />or private, or a receiver, trustee, conservator, or other representative <br />appointed by cider of any court. <br />(b) "Motor fuel" to mean the same as defined by the "Motor Fuel Tax Law of <br />the State of Illinoia" and the meaning of "motor fuel" in this article <br />shall change from time to time in accordance with aW changes affected <br />by amendment to the "Motor Fusl Tax Lawe" <br />(c) "Service S+::ion" means any store, factory, Pilling station, garage, <br />lot or other place at which equipment is provided. <br />(1) For dispensing, motor fuel to consumers.. <br />(2) For disp--nsing motor fuel into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles <br />for operating the motors thereof for the purpose of propelling <br />the said mr.tor vehicles (in whole or in part) upon the public <br />highways <br />(d) "Tanks" means any receptacle, container or equipment for the storage <br />of motor fool of whatov.r construction, whether placed above or below <br />ground. <br />(1) Except containers having a capacity of ]e ss than twenty-one gallons. <br />(2) Except contal.mrs having a capacity Less than fifty-five gallons <br />when such storage is exclusively for industrial purposes other than <br />for the propulsion of motor vehicles in whole or in part upon the <br />public highways, <br />(e) "Gasoline Buggy" means a portable container used for storing or dispensing <br />motor fuel into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles having a capacity of more <br />than two gallor,,,, arranged to be carried or moved on wheels or skids, having <br />as a part of or havi.rg provisions for the use of dispensing equipment in <br />the form of a puz-p or <br />Section 22.1?0-1 PERMIT RESTRICTIONS. No service station or tank for the storage <br />of ..rotor fuel as herein defined, shall hereafter be erected, built, constructed <br />or installed by any p-,rscn within the limits of the Village except on a permit <br />duly issued by the Bul leftng Inspector and countersigtied by the Village Clerk. <br />No permit shall be isscnd for the erection, construction, installation or building <br />of any service station or motor fuel storage tank when the number of and capacity <br />of the stcrege tacks exceeds `..:ne limitations thereof as prescribed by the ordinances <br />of this Village or where the area within such contemplated erection, construction, <br />installation, or building lies within the following areas: <br />(a) Within 200 feet of any church,, school, hospital, fraternal lodge, hall, of <br />theat_-e. <br />Section 22.1303 APPLICATION, CONTENTS. The application for a permit required by <br />this article shall state the interest of the applicant in the lot, parcel or land <br />on which th:, eraction, ca- truction, build`,. ng or installation is contemplated, and <br />there shall accompany said application the plans and specifications for the con- <br />struction of such contemplatad station, tank or appurtenances thereto, and a plat <br />of survey showing the location of the contemplated structure on the lot upon which <br />the structure is to be erected„ <br />-1- #1.80 <br />