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Ordinance No. <br />AN OP f?;iI\T.A NCE amending the <br />Village of Fl.k Grove Village <br />7.onivzg Ordzlaance. �- <br />WHEREAS,,-- tike Goniab Bmrd of JtPPe;,Is of tete iiP::+i; ai' EIR <br />Grove Village sitting as a commis:sioaY at a plzblic anEewi.Ea;; ci,lll,> CaUed <br />and heidaccording to law. considered teao question of r-ee:laetsifyi.Eg fr�.lxn <br />11R . i Twenty Thousand ScPv rep Foot Sia3�Family amily I7:+.r; ;:lira >i.str* ct"' <br />I�swj c:Paaa3sified upon anr..exationp to 11113-1. �i'"' sinecs .Dist-tiy.l" Eh"- r'-aL <br />estate hereinafter t'•.escx°ike;a3; and <br />WHE:RFEkS, the President end Bo;srd of Trttrt€=ev having cor.t:id-orzerl <br />too re(:(lmmendatien of 'said Zoning Pe is i'. `Ci lit i'}.g:;P:eals find a -ad. believe <br />the highest and hest lase for the rea, estate herein is that of ":fit -t <br />Business District rase; <br />NOW, THERE-1,0RE, :+- F 17 0-RD1l.PNE'M by the ?resident and <br />Board of Trustees of the VUTAge +xk F}X, Grove Village, Gook C,a+xnty, if_l�rsais� <br />SECTION P. That an or.'.itaance, cnti.tPwd'An Ordinance c.o re1;;uPate <br />and litxa:it the :Meiaht and bull: c4 btd1dicir,�-i to 're„ ttlate and ii:nait the i-tensitu <br />C4 the n.e Of lot area.:,, asasi to of open <br />Flpa,:ea withiz wntt surrrundittS a:tlC, ;..s.t'i l(iai ai', fp classify, rega,Elzate and <br />restrict the loc7 AiUL3 of trades And iaa'xti;ti 2813 and tts� Prc:e a f,1on Oz lhA ?eEiYl t <br />d -signed for spsc EtE.i `nd.lmstr--Sl., g}St ?':::}-; resiiert.;,al h,sai <br />to divide the oent4r-,- ";,fUl.'.g3 oa FiaKfs'-'F: C'P 31Pii {"t9 !'ato dirtr° to 1(,t'i <br />s: 3:i1B <br />piarpost) of thid'l its fix i'a'yic:h hulkl -gig .; i1Zstr vctv.r_ ._. <br />Ghali p il>it <br />the character of sr,,7h digtri.itPE rf::Elpc ha -rd to ;'J' 3a t Eti tk vlAa y iid 9^7 <br />alteration's or remodeling (.A--xistinkg ';iuij.L: <br />